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6 “Must-Haves” for Stadium POS System

6 “Must-Haves” for Stadium POS System


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The economy is reopening, and consumers are excited to attend events and sports games. When visiting a large sports stadium or entertainment arena, you often find long lines for food and merchandise during half-time or intermissions. The people attending these professional sports games or concerts paid good money to see their team play or favorite artist perform, and they don’t want to miss a thing. This puts a huge amount of pressure on the employees working the concession stands or merchandise shops to complete the customer’s order as quickly as possible. A lot of this workflow plays into the stadium point of sale (POS) system being used. Here are 6 “must-haves” when looking for a stadium POS system.

1. Intuitive Software

First and foremost, you will need an easy-to-use and intuitive stadium POS software. Depending on how often a team plays in the stadium or how many performances take place per year, stadium employees tend to work more sporadically compared to your standard restaurant or retail employee. This means that stadiums need a POS system that concession and merchandise shop employees can pick up quickly with little to no training.

Some other key features to look for in stadium POS software are:

  • The ability to offer ordering in a variety of ways: in-queue, in-seat, or mobile
  • Mobile wallet payment acceptance
  • Loyalty programs and benefits
  • Detailed inventory management
  • Operational insights
  • Cash management and hawker support

2. Back-of-House Support

While people rarely see what goes on behind the scenes at stadium concession stands, it’s important to make sure that your stadium POS manages the back-of-house just as well as it manages your transactions.

A variety of tools – from inventory management and menu management to fan data and back-end analytics – can help you to make sure you never run out of stock during a big event. By having access to analytics that can be reported day-to-day, you can make sure that your concession menu appeals to your audience for a particular game or event.

3. Varied Payment Support

When you have a packed stadium with a mile-long line of customers, you simply do not have time to fuss over payment methods. In a high-pressure, high-volume environment such as sport and entertainment stadiums, you need to get your customers through the line as quickly as possible.

One of the best ways to ensure a quick and seamless transaction is to make sure your POS system supports a multitude of payment methods. Did you know that it is estimated that by 2023, there will be 80.1 million near field communication (NFC) mobile payment users? Now, with more people adopting mobile wallets, you will see more and more retailers and concession stands accepting NFC payments at major sports arenas. Make sure that when your customer is set with their order and ready to pay, that whatever form of payment they choose will be accepted at your point of sale.

4. Mobile Ordering

One ordering method that’s rapidly gaining popularity in sports entertainment properties is mobile ordering. During major sports games and concerts, people don’t want to leave their seat and risk missing a big play or their favorite song. Many stadiums are adopting a mobile ordering method where fans can order food or drinks on their mobile device and either have it delivered to their seat, or go grab it when it is ready. Fans don’t have to miss a thing and concession employees don’t have to deal with a line of angry customers. It’s a win for everyone!

5. Reliable Hardware

In fast-paced environments such as stadium concession stands and merchandise shops, employees don’t have time to deal with flaky hardware. They need their receipt printers to print and their cash drawers to open every time a transaction is completed, and they need hardware that will withstand the high volume of transactions. Appetize and Star Micronics have teamed up to create a complete stadium POS solution that combines intuitive software and reliable hardware peripherals.

The Appetize-Star solution includes:

You can find the Appetize and Star Micronics bundled POS solutions in major sports and live entertainment locations including the Golden 1 Center (home of the Sacramento Kings), U.S. Bank Stadium (home of the Minnesota Vikings), over 40 Live Nation properties, and many more.

6. Health & Safety Products

In this day and age, health and safety are a priority. Many people are ready to venture back into the world for some fun, but they of course want to minimize the spread of illness.

Stadiums and event venues can keep their guests feeling safe and confident with the right health and safety products. Examples of these solutions including sneeze guards at the point of sale, antimicrobial covers on surfaces like door handles and railings, and tamper-proof labels to secure the food and beverages guests order from their seats.

Health & Safety Solutions Brochure

Discover which solutions can keep your business squeaky clean and help customers feel confident at your brick-and-mortar location.

Featured Star Stadium Solutions







Antimicrobial Covers*




Tamper-Proof Labels

Tamper-Proof Labels

Looking to learn more about Star’s stadium POS solutions?

*Disclaimer: NeverGerms® makes no claims regarding the safety or health of the general public or those interacting with its products. “NeverGerms®” and “Touch Less Germs®” are registered trademarks and not intended to have literal interpretation. NeverGerms products are manufactured by NeverGerms and distributed by Star Micronics. Although these products are designed to reduce microbe populations on commonly-utilized surfaces and have been tested by the manufacturer for their antimicrobial properties, Star Micronics cannot guarantee that they will eliminate all risk of germ, including virus, transfer from such surfaces. Star Micronics, as distributor, relies entirely upon claims made by manufacturer as supported by prior research. For further information, please visit

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