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Star Micronics and Itemize Partner to Provide Solution for Digital Expense Receipt Market

Star Micronics and Itemize Partner to Provide Solution for Digital Expense Receipt Market


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Somerset, NJ – Oct 18, 2016 – Star Micronics and Itemize are partnering to revolutionize the digital expense receipt market. For the first time, merchant, processor and software solutions are coming together to create an environmental, accurate and easy alternative to the dreaded “what is your email address” question or long paper receipt and checkout process that hasn’t changed in decades.

AllReceipts™, provided by Star Micronics, has begun providing merchants with the ability to include a QR Code on the bottom of every receipt. They can be scanned, tracked, reimbursed and reported by simply scanning the code within the Itemize App. The creation of this technology will eventually allow merchants the ability to no longer offer the long-form receipt, or at least give shoppers the ability to opt-in to just receiving the scan-able portion of the receipt without cause for further paper waste.

By scanning the AllReceipts QR Code within the Itemize app, the shopper is able to automatically store a digital and secure record of your purchase. This includes all of the receipt, merchant and category data, as well as any additional notes, tags and job codes, without manual entry. Star Micronics and Itemize make your accounting tasks faster; taking minutes versus hours. After your scan of the AllReceipts QR Code a digital record will be created and stored for 10 years. This record can be exported into a variety of accounting software’s such as Free Agent, Freshbooks, Sage One, Quickbooks and Xero.

With Itemize expense reports, you can easily turn captured receipts into an instant report, ready for easy submission and approval, tossing away the hard copy. No matter who you are, with Itemize, there is no need to keep boxes, drawers or filing cabinets full of paper receipts.

Look for the AllReceipts and Itemize logos at your retailer to get started. Signing up for Itemize is easy! Download the Itemize app from the iPhone and Android App stores today for free or visit for more details and a free trial.

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