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Star Micronics Launches SteadyLAN™ for iOS to Provide Reliable Network Access for iPad POS

Star Micronics Launches SteadyLAN™ for iOS to Provide Reliable Network Access for iPad POS


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An industry-first solution to support stable store operation with one simple cable connection

Somerset, NJ – Jan 13, 2020 – Star Micronics, a leading global manufacturer of mobile, point of sale (POS), and customer engagement technologies, is excited to announce SteadyLAN, an industry-first solution designed to provide power and network access to iPad POS through one Lightning cable connection.

SteadyLAN is a patent pending technology available on certain mC-Print Series printers.  It provides wired Ethernet service to an iPad connected to a networked printer via the Lightning cable (iOS10 or later required). SteadyLAN is available on the following mC-Print models: mCP21LB, mCP31L, and mCP31LB.


For locations where Wi-Fi connectivity is not possible or unreliable, this new technology is a world-first, providing the stability of a cabled LAN connection for iPad POS systems. By connecting the SteadyLAN-compatible printer to the Internet via wired LAN and connecting the printer and an iPad with a Lightning-USB cable, the iPad can use the Internet without Wi-Fi communication. At the same time, the iPad can communicate with the printer via Lightning USB and can simultaneously be charged from the printer.

“We’re incredibly proud to announce SteadyLAN, as it will make unstable Wi-Fi signals a thing of the past,” said Jon Levin, Director of Product Management at Star Micronics. “We expect this new solution to greatly improve business operations in retail and restaurant POS settings, mobile ordering, and more.”

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