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Star Micronics and Tikt Team Up to Create a Contactless Restaurant Experience

Star Micronics and Tikt Team Up to Create a Contactless Restaurant Experience


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Tikt by retailcloud creates a contactless customer experience for restaurants with the help of Star Micronics printers

Somerset, NJ – March 4, 2021 – Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer of mobile, point of sale (POS), and customer engagement technologies is proud to announce that retailcloud has added support for Star’s mC-Print3 for their new Tikt solution. Tikt allows restaurant customers to scan and see the menu, order their food, and pay their bill on their mobile device to create a truly contactless experience.

Tikt helps upgrade your customer experience, reduce the workload on your servers and you by allowing guests to connect directly to your kitchen and order right from their own devices while seated in your restaurant. Tikt works with any point of sale system and can add to overall profitability – especially during the global pandemic.

Star’s mC-Print3 with CloudPRNT is used with Tikt to send orders directly from the mobile device to the kitchen. The CloudPRNT technology works with the online ordering service to store and create print jobs, and communicate status with the printer. Cloud ordering services post orders using a JSON format while the Star CloudPRNT printer pulls these orders on a defined interval.

“Tikt takes diners to the next step, allowing them to scan a QR Code and connect directly with servers and the kitchen; while improving the overall service quality that servers can provide the guest,” says Kevin Colaco, President of retailcloud. “It also allows restaurants to operate more efficiently, ultimately improving turnover and increasing upsell opportunities.”

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