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Star’s Integration Team on GitHub

Star’s Integration Team on GitHub


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Developing software is difficult without the right support. Star Micronics has created an official GitHub account to make our software partners’ lives easier. We have added our most popular and most useful SDKs to the account with more to come. Star’s Integration Team is here for you during the development process and we want to hear your feedback. Star looks forward to creating a dialogue between our global software teams and our community of software developers so we can continually improve our tools. 

Why GitHub?

If you don’t already know what GitHub is, you can imagine it as social media platform for developers. It has quickly become a leading place for developers to share and collaborate on code. Users can also create their own repositories, contribute to other repositories, and suggest edits to existing repositories via an issue log. Star Micronics created a global account to make integrating Star products easy for our software partnersOur goal is to make development as simple as possible for our partners when they are looking for SDKs or integration support for our products. 

When navigating Star’s GitHub page, you will find a growing number of our SDKs and other helpful code. Some of the development tools currently available are listed below with more to come in the future. 

1. StarPRNT SDK iOS (Swift)
2. StarPRNT SDK Android (Java)
3. CloudPRNT SDK
4. Android USB Cash Drawer SDK
5. SteadyLAN Setting SDK (iOS, Android, Windows)
6. React Native SDK

Working with the Integrations Team

The typical expectations when working with an Integrations team is simple — work collaboratively during the coding process until your software is integrated. What you get when working with Star is not the typical software/hardware partnership; integration is just the beginning. We treat our partnerships like the backbone of our company, and we cannot be successful without them. Once we help to integrate the hardware, our next focus becomes aligning our goals with yours. This leads us to growth on both sides of the partnership. Star can offer our partners a unified marketing strategy that will meet both our objectives while growing business. For more information on what a software partnership provides read more here. 

Through this new GitHub account we are implementing an initiative to publicly share more beta development tools to quickly gather feedback from our ISV partners to ensure the official releases are meeting the needs of our partners. The first in this initiative is our React Native SDK now available on GitHub. Our team is currently asking for any feedback you can give us. There is no payment necessary for a GitHub account so please feel free to navigate around our page, we are looking forward to hearing from you.  

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