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How Tamper-Proof Seal Labels Boost Customer Confidence in Restaurant Pickup and Delivery

How Tamper-Proof Seal Labels Boost Customer Confidence in Restaurant Pickup and Delivery


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Pickup and delivery have been increasing in popularity in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic took that popularity to a new level. Now, despite many restaurants being open again for table service, pickup and delivery remain a customer favorite – but these methods come with some concern.

How do customers know that their food isn’t being tampered with in the time between when the food is prepared at the restaurant and when they receive it at their door? Let’s explore this concern – and how tamper-proof seal labels can boost customer confidence by providing peace of mind during the delivery and pickup processes.

Why the Concern?

No one wants to think about their delivery driver munching away on their fries on the way to their home but sadly, it happens. Did you know that according to a recent US Foods study, approximately 30% of drivers admitted to eating some of the food that they deliver? Furthermore, 54% of deliverers reported they are tempted by the smell of the food the deliver, and 21% of customers have at one time suspected a delivery driver of taking some of their food.

While these numbers are shocking, the benefits of delivery services are vast and the average person has two food delivery apps and uses them three times each month. So, how can a restaurant ensure a food order remains perfectly intact after it leaves the restaurant’s kitchen and doors? Tamper-proof seal labels are the answer.

3 Ways Tamper-Proof Seal Labels Boost Customer Confidence

1. They Show Evidence of Tampering

The most important way that tamper-proof seal labels boost confidence is simple: they provide visible evidence if an order is tampered with. How do they do that? Many tamper-proof labels feature security slits that become slashed open if a person tries to (or succeeds to) open a food bag or container.

This obvious evidence of tampering (or on the contrary, evidence that an order hasn’t been touched) can allow restaurant customers to rest assured that their food was not tinkered with at any point – from the restaurant kitchen, to the delivery car, to their doorstep.

Star Micronics Label Solutions

From printing product labels in a warehouse to quickly attaching linerless labels to coffee cups in a café, Star Micronics understands labeling solutions aren’t “one size fits all.” Designed with the application and user in mind, Star Micronics offers label printers with the technology needed for today’s digital, fast-moving world, and label paper for virtually any business scenario.

2. They Adhere to Multiple Order Types

Customers don’t just order entrees – they order beverages, desserts, snacks, and other items that require a variety of food package sizes.

Tamper-proof labels are available in a variety of sizes for a range of food containers like large and small bags, pizza boxes, beverage cups, and more. Because these labels can adhere to multiple order types, they can help keep every menu item safe and secure. As a restaurant, leveraging different sizes of labels can provide security and peace of mind to your customers for their entire order (no matter what they order) – and that’s truly priceless.

3. They Build Trust in the Business

Trust is important in all aspects of life, but when it comes to the restaurant industry, trust can make or break a business. Customers want to know that they can count on a restaurant to safely prepare and deliver consistently delicious, high-quality meals.

In fact, in the same US Foods study referenced above, 1,500 American adults were asked if they ordered a burger and fries and the delivery driver grabbed a few fries along the way, how upset would they be on a scale from 1-10 (1 being “no big deal” and 10 being “absolutely acceptable”). Unsurprisingly, the average answer was 8.4 … and who can blame them?

Those same customers were asked if they would like restaurants to use tamper-evident labels to address this issue, and a whopping 85% of them said yes – another unsurprising, understandable answer.

Leveraging tamper-proof seal labels shows restaurant customers that the business values and prioritizes safety and security – something that can not only be assumed but has been proven to be very important to customers. By using tamper-proof labels restaurants can build trust with customers, something that encourages diners to continue to order from the restaurant in the future … and what is better than sticky business and happy patrons?

About Star Micronics’ Tamper-Proof Seal Labels


Always leading, and always innovating, Star Micronics is proud to include a tamper-proof labeling solution in its restaurant POS offering, designed to securely seal delivery, catering, and to-go food and beverage orders. Available in three sizes, the labels are a part of Star Micronics’ full restaurant solution which includes online ordering printers, durable cash drawers, kitchen printers, and more.

Designed with security as a priority, the labels provide added post-preparation quality control by delivering visual evidence if a label has been removed or repositioned. To signal an order has been tampered with, security seals become slashed. With proven on-packaging performance, the labels are an ideal solution to securely seal food for delivery or pickup orders.

Key Features:

  • Delivers visual evidence if the label has been removed or repositioned
  • Each roll includes 500 easy-to-apply labels
  • 3” round labels to seal takeout bags
  • 2” X 4” labels to seal large bags or close the mouths of bags
  • 0.75” X 7” labels to close drink lids

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