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How to Set Retailers Up for Success with a Technology Upgrade

How to Set Retailers Up for Success with a Technology Upgrade


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Retail technology is always on the up-and-up, and in order to stay relevant retailers need to prioritize taking advantage of the latest retail technology innovations. As a reseller, it’s equally important for you to act as your retail customers’ trusted advisor and serve as a one-stop, solution-selling shop. Your customers expect their solutions to be reliable, come from one place, and have an easy installation process. So, what is the best way to set your retailers up for success by providing a technology upgrade? Read on to find out.

Assess Their Current Technology Landscape

First and foremost, it’s important to look at your retailer’s existing technology landscape. Take inventory of the different technologies they are currently utilizing.

Most importantly, don’t assume the path they want to take with their technology upgrade. Arguably the most important aspect of being a trusted advisor is simply listening. Ask your customer what they’d like to improve and fully understand their priorities before you propose a solution. Do they want to take advantage of online ordering? Do they want to change the look and feel of their point of sale (POS)? Do they want to leverage mobile payments for line-busting and curbside pickups?

Next, when you feel confident that you have fully identified the customer’s technology upgrade wish list, start thinking about how you can help them make their wishes become reality. If you identify additional areas for improvement based on your industry experience, let the customer know but do not force the sale.

Provide the Right Solution for Them

Once you have mapped out your retailer’s priorities and have agreed on their technology upgrade roadmap, it’s time to get busy providing the right solution. Keep in mind that a complete and proper technology upgrade is multi-faceted and not “one size fits all.” A full retail technology solution keeps your customer’s priorities in mind at all times, and includes things like:

POS Software

Be sure to propose a modern POS software that is capable of online ordering, can provide detailed sales and marketing data, includes loyalty program functionality, and more.

POS Hardware

Next, consider what POS hardware the customer needs. To provide a simple user experience, remember to propose receipt printers and other POS hardware that is already integrated with industry-leading retail POS software and features connectivity options that accommodate your retailer’s business. Even better, some printers include technology to take your retailer’s POS to the next level, like Star Micronics SteadyLAN® which enables devices of all kinds (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac) to receive stable WLAN connection and power delivery, all through one cable.

When proposing POS hardware, don’t forget the accessories! Sleek, modern, and future-proof POS accessories can really help to tie the customer’s POS together, both visually and functionally. Important POS accessories include simple yet stylish tablet stands that can accommodate a variety of tablets, extra-strong cash drawers that come in a variety of colors to match the rest of the POS, NTEP-certified scales, 1D and 2D scanners, customer displays, and especially in the new normal, sneeze guards to protect both retail staff and shoppers.

Online Ordering Technology

Online ordering is here, and it’s here to stay. When considering POS software and hardware options be sure to propose choices that include online ordering functionality. When it comes to POS hardware, you can provide a “two birds, one stone” solution by proposing a receipt printer that comes equipped with built-in online ordering technology like the Star Micronics mC-Print3. The mC-Print3 includes CloudPRNT technology which enables the printer to directly fetch and print online orders with no need for any additional POS hardware within the store.

Modern Payment Solutions

Shoppers are no longer satisfied by paying in traditional ways and this shift in the way consumers pay will continue. Account for this in your retailer’s technology upgrade by proposing contactless payment terminals, mobile payment methods for line-busting and curbside pickup orders, and more. Don’t forget: when in doubt, ask what your customer needs and wants.

Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are another trend that is steadily growing. In the retail industry, kiosks can be used by shoppers for looking up product details, pricing, inventory, and gift registries. They can also be used by shoppers to pay for their order, or even by job candidates for the job application process.

Free Self-Service Kiosk Resources

The future of many industries lies with self-service solutions. That’s why Star Micronics is offering free online ordering resources for resellers and software developers who are helping customers future-proof their businesses with self-service solutions.

Provide Ongoing Support

As a reseller, your job should not be over once the technology upgrade sale is made. Be sure you don’t leave your customers out to dry by regularly checking in with them and partnering with POS software and hardware companies that provide quality customer and technical support, like online help centers, web chat support, and a telephone hotline.

Star Micronics Retail POS Solutions

Star Micronics is proud to offer a complete retail POS hardware upgrade offering, including:

  • Receipt printers with built-in tablet POS connectivity and online ordering technology
  • Tablet stands featuring universal VESA mounting and clean cable management
  • NTEP-certified retail scales
  • Portable printers for line-busting and curbside pickups
  • A full range of self-service kiosk printers
  • A variety of accessories like sneeze guards, customer displays, scanners, etc.
  • And more

Furthermore, Star Micronics hardware is integrated with the retail industry’s top POS software providers and has a dedicated technical support team and online help center, helping you become a true one-stop shop reseller.

Ready to learn more? Click here to learn more about Star Micronics’ retail POS solutions.

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