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The 5 Best Star Receipt Printers

The 5 Best Star Receipt Printers

Chef in modern, professional kitchen looking at ticket from mC-Print3 thermal receipt and restaurant printer by Star Micronics.

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Star Micronics offers a diverse range of thermal receipt printers designed to meet the unique demands of different work environments. Whether you seek a stylish printer to complement your aesthetic or a robust model capable of withstanding temperature fluctuations, liquids, dust, and intensive usage, there’s a Star receipt printer for you.

Our lineup spans thermal and impact printers, each tailored to specific business needs. For those aiming to enhance promotional strategies, Star provides comprehensive solutions to craft receipts, coupons, and promotional messages with ease.

Unsure which Star receipt printer aligns best with your business? Discover our top picks, perfect for various retail, restaurant, and hospitality settings:

1. The TSP143IV Series

The sleek TSP143IV series sets new standards in thermal printing with its compact design, reducing its footprint by 20% compared to the TSP143III. Ideal for mPOS and POS systems, it offers versatile connectivity (including Android Open Accessory (AOA) support and WLAN) and seamless integration with Windows, iOS, and Android. This series excels in cloud-based applications with CloudPRNT technology support and connects to Star Micronics Cloud Services for enhanced device monitoring and promotional capabilities. 

The TSP143IV series also includes a sticky linerless label model, the TSP143IV SK, expanding its online ordering and delivery capabilities. Its efficient “drop-in and print” paper loading and internal power supply make it an indispensable tool in retail or hospitality.

2. The mC-Label3 Multimedia Printer

The mC-Label3 from Star Micronics is a multifunctional printer that excels in versatility, supporting a wide range of media from linerless labels (permanent and sticky) to die-cut labels and standard receipt paper. Its Cloud Ready capability enables connection to Star Micronics Cloud Services and Label Builder for customized label solutions. 

With One Touch Label, users can easily print pre-set labels or receipts with the touch of a button. Its compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, combined with advanced connectivity options like SteadyLAN® and TetherLAN, positions the mC-Label3 as a top choice for diverse printing needs.

Discover Star’s wide range of printing technologies >

3. The mC-Print3 Series

The premier mC-Print3 series combines style and next-gen functionality in a compact cube design, perfect for busy retail and restaurant spaces. It has an IPX2 splash-proof rating and withstands harsh environments, including professional kitchens and outdoor venues. It excels in speed (250 mm/second) and connectivity, supporting various USB peripherals and offering access to Star CloudPRNT and Star Micronics Cloud Services.

Its small footprint and robust design, coupled with multiple connection options (including CloudPRNT and SteadyLAN), make the mC-Print3 a powerful solution for any modern POS system.

4. The mPOP® Multifunction System

Star Micronics’ mPOP redefines the tablet POS experience by combining a cash drawer with a 2-inch thermal printer into one innovative solution. It fits perfectly in boutique or salon settings, offering a sleek and ergonomic design without sacrificing functionality. It supports all major operating systems, providing versatility for diverse POS software. The addition of USB ports enhances its functionality, enabling connections with external devices like the optional Star 2D barcode scanner.

Black mPOP with optional 2D Scanner shown with Tablet
Tablets not included

5. The TSP143III Series

The acclaimed TSP143III is a thermal receipt printer designed for businesses seeking reliable, high-quality printing solutions. Its diverse connectivity options, including USB, Bluetooth, LAN, and WLAN, make it suitable for various industries. With features like USB charging for mobile devices and access to futurePRNT software for receipt customization, it’s an adaptable solution for any retail or hospitality environment. It comes with a complete package for immediate setup, enhancing its appeal for businesses looking for an easy-to-use, comprehensive printing solution.

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Star Micronics’ printer lineup complements any device and includes options for every type of business and environment, even where space is limited. The company’s roster of printers includes thermal units for clear printing, impact printers for harsh work stations, and hardware with functional, compact footprints.

Learn more about Star Solutions:

Original article written by Heidi Orpilla and published on January 10, 2019.

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