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The Hardware Your Food Truck POS System Needs

The Hardware Your Food Truck POS System Needs

Star Micronics has all the POS hardware for omnichannel and online ordering at restaurants, QSRs, food trucks, and more.

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The food truck phenomenon, a staple of the last decade-plus, continues to flourish, with new entrants joining the scene regularly. However, the distinctive environment of a food truck—with its compact space, high heat, and rapid pace—poses specific challenges for POS technology. Food trucks require robust and efficient solutions distinct from those used in traditional quick service restaurants (QSRs).

Before the season approaches, newcomers to the food truck business should act swiftly to get their operations up and running in time to capitalize on the bustling market. Equipping your truck with the right technology is not just about keeping pace; it’s about setting the foundation for success.

For food truck operators, relying on outdated POS systems could mean falling behind in an increasingly competitive field. If you’re a Value-Added Reseller (VAR), Independent Software Vendor (ISV), or other channel partner catering to the food service industry, staying abreast of the latest hardware innovations is crucial to serving your clients adequately.

In this article, we delve into the essential POS hardware needed for a food truck operation. We’ll explore options for tablet stands, printers, and other vital components, focusing on features that streamline operations and enhance service in the unique food truck setting.

Finding the Right Printer For Your Food Truck

The competition in the food truck space continues to heat up. Even with the explosion in food trucks over the last decade, the industry is expected to expand at an annual rate of 6%, according to Grand View Research. To stay in the game, you need compact, durable food truck POS hardware that works as hard as you do. 

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, the Star Micronics mPOP® combines a receipt printer and cash drawer into one simple, elegant unit. 

Pairing your receipt printer with the right POS software allows you to email receipts directly to customers—an excellent option for customers who prefer paperless transactions.

Receipt Printers

When you’re looking to get customers on their way without hassle, a reliable receipt printer is a must. Many legacy printers fail in the food truck environment because they are too bulky, difficult to operate or break down under pressure.

Printer features to look for in the food truck include:

  • The durability to handle the lunch or dinner rush day after day
  • Spill-proof and easily cleanable for the food services environment 
  • Connectability to the internet and other devices via Bluetooth or LAN
  • Paper that is easy to reload 
Black and white mC-Print2 and mC-Print3 thermal receipt printers by Star Micronics.
The mC-Print series thermal printers offer connectivity perfect for food truck POS systems.

Impact (dot matrix) printers are typically reasonably priced, can withstand the high-heat environment of a food truck, and produce receipts that won’t rip when pulled out.

Label Printers

In food trucks, space is at a premium, meaning every inch of usable real estate matters. Instituting a cohesive labeling system can help you organize your orders, ingredients, and packaging in a way that works for your staff. As receipts move around the truck, an organized system will keep them with their associated order. And if you’re selling pre-made baked goods or other products, labels can also make organizing inventory a breeze! 

A food truck POS label printer should have features like:

  • State-of-the-art durability for a fast-paced environment
  • Cloud-based printing and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Straightforward repairs and minimal maintenance 
  • Compatibility with various operating systems
  • Fast printing speeds to get customers on their way

Quality is also a factor—a high-quality label printer will produce crisp, easy-to-read receipts that impress customers.

The mC-Label3 multifunctional label and receipt printer from Star Micronics can fit media of multiple widths and types.
Meet the mC-Label3: a multimedia printer that works with receipt, linerless, and traditional label paper.

TetherLAN, a cutting-edge technology, enables food trucks to utilize a tablet or device with a cellular connection (4G/5G) to share Wi-Fi service directly with Star’s mC-Label3 multimedia label printer via USB.

This innovative solution ensures reliable, cloud-based printing capabilities for food truck POS systems, even in locations lacking traditional internet access, while keeping the connected device charged for uninterrupted service.

Portable Printers

It’s hard to beat portable receipt printers when it comes to convenience and portability for your food truck operation. Many food trucks do business in a variety of different environments every week, whether it’s festivals, farmer’s markets, pop-up events, and more. A portable printer and mobile food truck POS technology allow vendors to process on-the-go orders and receipts. This enables you to go where your customers already are. 

Are you looking to provide your customers with a dine-in vibe? You can offer seating and print receipts on the go as you deliver the orders. 

Some food truck operators have even made their mobile printers a more permanent solution to replace traditional countertop printers. Accessories like shoulder straps or belt clips allow employees to use portable printers on the go for extended periods comfortably.

Star Micronics offers Android and iOS-compatible printers in 2”, 3”, and 4” sizes. View our line of portable printers.

The correct printer is essential for seamless operations in the fast-moving food truck environment. 

The SM-T300i portable thermal printer by Star Micronics.
Star has a wide range of innovative mobile receipt and label printers.

Enhancing Operations with Food Truck POS Tablet Stands

To space-strapped food trucks, tablet POS stands and pole mounts can be a lifesaver. They provide an organized and accessible point of transaction, and self-service capabilities can save your staff precious time—all with a slim, sleek profile.

The right tablet stand can:

  • Provide a customer-facing self-service option for ordering and tipping
  • Allow customers to check in if they have ordered online
  • Save space and offer versatility in placement

Another significant advantage of a tablet stand is integration with your Kitchen Display System (KDS). Tablet stands can help you effectively relay orders to the kitchen, minimize communication errors, and expedite order preparation.

Some tablet display stands and mounts from Star Micronics' mCollection, shown with tablets in Universal mEnclosures.
Explore Star's collection of mUnite POS stands and pole mounts.

Scanners, Scales, and Cash Drawers

When every second counts, your accessories can separate you from the competition. Star Micronics is a world-class provider of POS printers and stands, but we offer a range of accessories beyond printers and stands that are essential for day-to-day operations.

Indispensable POS accessories include:

  • Scales to drive savings and efficiency on the food preparation side by helping to maintain consistency in portioning. An accurate scale can also allow you to charge by weight, allowing greater customer transparency.
  • Many diners still prefer to use cash, so a reliable cash drawer can keep your currency safe and organized. Modern cash drawers offer a range of lock settings to maximize security. 
  • Payment terminals are another vital accessory that food trucks utilize to securely accept credit, debit, and mobile payments from customers.

And a comprehensive food truck POS operation isn’t just about hardware. The right integrated payments solution will help you make sure you’re processing credit cards smoothly. 

Food Truck 101: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

From startup costs to standing out in the market, this ebook covers everything you need to know to drive your food truck business forward.

A Better Food Truck POS Solution

To compete in the food truck space, you need every advantage. By embracing these POS hardware options specifically for food truck operations, entrepreneurs can build efficiency, reduce errors, improve customer experiences, and drive overall success.

Star Micronics’ wide range of innovative hardware and technology is tailored to the unique challenges of the restaurant and food service industry, including food trucks. Learn more about Star Micronics’ specialized POS tech for restaurants and food service

Contact us today to learn more about our fine dining, quick service, and food truck POS solutions.

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