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The Tech You Need For Your Cannabis Delivery Service

The Tech You Need For Your Cannabis Delivery Service

Cannabis delivery POS hardware.

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If you are a dispensary owner, you will undoubtedly consider starting a cannabis delivery service for your customers. Demand for the plant, either for recreational consumption or medical needs, has taken the industry to new highs, and surely you want to be in on the action. Of course, that is assuming cannabis delivery is legal in your area! Let’s say it is.

Now, where do you start? What do you need?

In cannabis delivery, technical equipment is required to successfully meet your customers’ needs. Software that helps you create an online store, allows for online ordering, accounts for inventory management, and integrates with the proper point-of-sale (POS) hardware is a must-have to assist your delivery aims.

Let’s see what tech you’ll need to start your cannabis delivery service:

Online Store & Website

Using the omnichannel approach for setting up a cannabis delivery service is ideal for the best results. Online ordering has rapidly grown, and it will only continue. An omnichannel strategy means that the customer can access your product through multiple channels such as social media, websites, apps, etc. This way, the customer has many convenient options and can order the product quickly and wherever they are the most comfortable. An online store is one of those options.

You must first set up a website and online store to get started. An online store is usually an extension of a website. If you are a dispensary owner, you likely already have a website for your business. You can look into your web development platform for online store options. Many companies use application software that provides your delivery service needs, from creating an online store to payment and marketing. Setting up an online shop for your cannabis will take some work, but it is worth every effort.

Cannabis delivery POS hardware.

It should be mentioned that a dispensary looking to deliver should incorporate some essential features into its online store. These features include the ability to calculate sales tax in each region. The website should be able to see which areas are legally allowed to deliver cannabis. Moreover, the website should also be able to scan customer IDs so their ages can be verified.

Again, there are companies that provide products with these capabilities, including POS software.

POS Software & Hardware

Both software and hardware for POS are essential to process and calculate the transactions received from online customer orders. They also help fulfill payments, print order tickets and receipts, and keep your entire POS space tidy while protecting your valuables.


If you already own a dispensary, you’ll have most of what’s listed here. But, if you’re starting from scratch or want to update your point-of-sale, you’ll first need a tablet or a computer. Many people go for tablets these days as they are more cost-effective and can be just as powerful. There is a lot of software out there that works great on tablets.

Whether you choose a tablet or computer, having a protective display stand to hold it steady would be wise. At Star, we have a variety of tablet display stands, including an all-steel tablet display stand built for three different tablets so you can see them all at once. This is great for having multiple online orders coming in, especially orders for delivery. Each tablet is held firmly in place yet can easily be seen and accessed.

If you don’t have tablets that display orders, have a printer that prints the online order you have received, indicating that you have an order pending. There are also printers out there that print repositionable sticky labels so that the order can move along with the product as it’s being prepared. Customers will want receipts once their products arrive, so a well-connected printer is necessary.

Other than tablets or computers, Star Micronics has all the hardware you need for your dispensary point-of-sale if you’d like to check it out here.


Well-performing POS software is a must for any business in general. Luckily for the cannabis industry, there is software made especially for it. Many cannabis-related POS apps can help with online store setup, inventory management, delivery operations, omnichannel marketing, taking care of payments, and much more. There are even companies that take care of the delivery logistics for your storefront entirely. It’s so easy to get started!


Another critical piece of the puzzle is the proper integration of your POS hardware with your software. Your online ordering system and point-of-sale machinery should work together seamlessly. Some people choose their hardware first and find software that works with it, while others select their software first.

Delivery Logistics

Delivering cannabis is a tremendous job, and some safety precautions must be taken when the order is dispatched to deliver. If you are looking to manage your deliveries, you must have a GPS tracker in your vehicle so you know where your driver is at all times and whether the parcel has been delivered to the correct address or not.

Cannabis delivery POS hardware.

Another thing to remember is that the driver or deliverer must have a tablet with access to your online store delivery software so they can update it after every delivery. This is crucial for inventory control and management of your cannabis products.

Most dispensaries take payments online, but if you don’t, you’ll need a mobile payment terminal so your delivery person can accept payments on the spot.


Technology is a massive part of our lives, and the trend may never slow down. If you decide to introduce a cannabis delivery service to your customers, make sure you have the equipment mentioned above in place. There will be upfront costs, but the upside is incredibly lucrative long-term. Anywhere they’re legal, cannabis delivery services have taken off in this country. Why not be part of the action?

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