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Star’s Christophe Naasz On The TEConnect Podcast: Cloud-Based Solution Selling

Star’s Christophe Naasz On The TEConnect Podcast: Cloud-Based Solution Selling


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Christophe Naasz, Director of Global Business Development here at Star Micronics America, spent some time with Dean and John from BlueStar’s TEConnect Podcast to discuss cloud-based technology and solutions. The three lay out how VARs can approach customers about utilizing the cloud for their businesses to stay competitive and relevant.

Consumers are moving forward with the latest technologies available, and cloud-based services are no longer an option for businesses. From online and omnichannel ordering to remote updates and secure data storage, the cloud offers business owners advantages that cannot be garnered elsewhere.

From TEConnect:

We all know that cloud computing is where it’s at, but not all businesses, especially retail & hospitality, are on board just yet. This week, Star Micronics’ Christophe Naasz is here to help VARs explain the benefits of cloud-based solutions.

  • How do cloud-based solutions improve customer experience?
  • What are the best talking points and questions to ask your customers?
  • How do cloud solutions benefit management and back-of-the-house insights?
  • Finally, what’s Star’s philosophy on the cloud?

It’s the episode laying in the grass saying, “Hey, that cloud looks like recurring revenue!”

Have a listen:

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