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Why Every Café and Coffee Shop Needs a Linerless Sticky Label Printer

Why Every Café and Coffee Shop Needs a Linerless Sticky Label Printer

Why Every Café and Coffee Shop Needs a Linerless Sticky Label Printer

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Operating a coffee shop or café is an exercise in multitasking. Orders come in from self-service kiosks, online, the drive-thru, and the counter. Keeping customers happy requires a wide range of options, like offering the choice of whole, skim, 2%, almond, oat, or coconut milk, adding an extra shot of syrup, or topping off their beverages with whipped cream or a sprinkle of cinnamon.

In such a dynamic setting, utilizing labels from a dependable linerless sticky label printer can significantly streamline operations and ensure each unique customer request is handled accurately and efficiently.

The teams at these shops must ensure they work accurately; mistakes and shrinkage can account for 4-10% of inventory loss. However, they must also work quickly to keep lines short and accommodate busy customers.

Furthermore, counter workers, baristas, and other employees must communicate effectively in noisy, tight spaces. Sticky labels help maintain necessary organization and increase efficiency, making them indispensable in your busy café or coffee shop environment.

Another challenge labeling solutions can help you overcome is operating in markets with increasing competition. The U.S. coffee shop market expanded to more than 40K stores in 2023, 7% growth over 2019. Daily Coffee News reports that many of the new stores are part of large chains. Small coffee shop and café businesses need tools that help them enhance customer experiences and engagement to hold onto their share of the market as larger companies attempt to overtake it.

Why Every Café and Coffee Shop Needs a Linerless Sticky Label Printer

Overcome Challenges with a Linerless Sticky Label Printer

Labels may seem like a simple operational tool, but they can significantly impact café and coffee shop efficiency, profitability, and customer loyalty. Using a label printer for coffee shop orders lets you automatically communicate every order detail to baristas and prep stations so they can delight customers every time. In addition, labels with clear instructions decrease errors, boosting profitability.

Linerless sticky label solutions are an excellent choice for cafes and coffee shops. They allow employees to print labels for each order, stick them to their work area, reposition them as they complete orders, and then attach them to beverage cups. Employees don’t need to communicate orders verbally or in handwriting. Linerless sticky labels streamline work and enhance productivity. 

Sticky labels can also give cafes and coffee shops an effective method to elevate their brands and engage customers beyond the order’s completion. Full-featured label printers for coffee shops allow you to enhance labels with your logo, QR codes that simplify loyalty rewards program sign-ups, or personalized thank you messages. Labels give you quick, creative opportunities to engage with customers long after the service is provided.

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Choose the Right Sticky Label Solution

To get the greatest value from a label printer, work with a value-added reseller to create a solution tailored to your business. Discuss these options with your provider:  

Repositionable linerless sticky labels

Labels that your team can peel and reapply as needed—from order to workstation and to the customer’s beverage cup—ensure accurate order prep. Linerless sticky labels add even more efficiency.

Linerless labels have no silicone backing that employees must remove, eliminating waste that can clutter counters and floors and allowing you to operate more sustainably. Additionally, employees can easily print, apply, and reapply the removable label with one hand, saving time. 

Linerless labels also increase operational efficiency in other ways. Since there’s no backing, linerless label rolls contain 40% more labels, so employees spend less time loading printers and more time serving customers. In addition, because you’ll need fewer rolls on hand, they help you conserve storage space for other essential supplies to keep your business running.

Label design capabilities

Make sure you deploy a label solution that allows you to print different labels and create designs that enhance your brand. Label design solutions enable you to build a template for the labels your team uses to communicate order details and to generate creative labels, even die-cut, brand-enhancing labels, on demand. 

Star Micronics Label Builder, one of Star Micronics Cloud Services, is an ideal option for cafes and coffee shops. It allows you to build customized labels, combining text, barcodes, QR codes, images, and shapes to create unique designs.

If you use a Star mC-Label3 multifunction printer, you can store up to three labels directly on the printer, and your team can easily print them with the One Touch button. It also prints with any paper roll width between 25mm and 80mm for further customization.

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The mC-Label3 multimedia printer can use permanent or repositionable sticky linerless labels.

If you use the TSP143IV SK linerless sticky label printer, your team can quickly customize Star’s Cloud Services image templates and print a variety of labels as needed. Flexible label widths of 40mm, 58mm, and 80mm cater to all your labeling needs as well, enabling you to print everything from slim drink labels to wider order details.

Tsp100iv Sk Left2 Small 1
The TSP143IV SK sticky label printer from Star Micronics is great for cafes and coffee shops.

Flexibility with modern features

Your labeling solution must also include a printer designed to work well in your environment. A small footprint and vertical mounting options will help you save counter space and workspace. The TSP143IV SK is currently the market’s most compact 3” desktop sticky label printer. It also has a built-in vertical mounting capability and internal power supply, freeing up valuable counter space and optimizing your service area like never before.

The ideal printer for cafés and coffee shops should feature versatile connectivity options such as USB and Wi-Fi, enabling seamless pairing with any setup. As cloud-based operations gain popularity, the ability to print directly from the cloud is also essential.

Additionally, the best sticky label printers in this sector are characterized by their rapid printing speeds and low total cost of ownership (TCO). This affordability stems from their reliability and durability, ensuring they meet the demands of busy environments without overly frequent maintenance or replacement.

Café and Coffee Shop Sticky Label Printer ROI

Investing in a high-quality sticky label printer can yield substantial returns for your café or coffee shop. The tangible benefits include increased employee productivity and higher throughput, directly contributing to a healthy return on investment (ROI).

By using linerless sticky labels, your business can enhance order accuracy, significantly reducing shrinkage and boosting profitability. Additionally, this sustainable choice minimizes waste from both paper and ingredients.

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Perhaps even more crucial is the impact on customer satisfaction. Delivering consistently accurate orders can dramatically boost the customer experience. Furthermore, sticky labels can play a pivotal role in your strategy to increase customer engagement and build loyalty, keeping you competitive in a whirlwind market. 

These benefits are measurable and often happen swiftly after implementing a new streamlined labeling solution. Beyond these immediate advantages, employee satisfaction increases when they are equipped with tools that make their tasks more manageable.

As the business landscape evolves, relying on legacy tools and outdated processes is no longer viable. Upgrading to modern solutions that utilize linerless sticky labels ensures that your business remains efficient and competitive.

Ready to upgrade your sticky label game?

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