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Cannabis Dispensary POS System Hardware and Solutions

Compliant. Secure. Easy to integrate.

For the booming cannabis industry, Star Micronics provides POS hardware tailored to dispensaries, ensuring compliance and enhancing brand image with solutions that meet unique retail needs.

The mC-Label3 multifunctional label and receipt printer from Star Micronics.

Upgrade Your Cannabis Label Printing with Star Solutions

Experience unrivaled versatility with the mC-Label3 multimedia label printer from Star Micronics. Expertly designed to support most media types, including permanent and sticky linerless labels, this printer is ideal for the dynamic needs of the cannabis industry.

Revolutionize Your Cannabis Printing with the mC-Label3

Discover the multifunctional mC-Label3, a versatile printer that brings exceptional adaptability to any work environment, including the cannabis industry. Capable of handling a wide range of media types and integrated with Star’s Cloud Services for easy image storage and One Touch printing, it offers seamless connectivity with iOS, Android, and Windows devices and advanced technologies like SteadyLAN®+ and TetherLAN.

Star Micronics Cannabis Solutions Brochure

Star offers a range of innovative and practical POS solutions for cannabis stores and dispensaries.

Optimizing Cannabis Dispensary Operations with Star Micronics POS Solutions

The growing cannabis industry seems to change at every turn. In such an environment, dispensaries require reliable POS hardware that assures compliance and elevates their brand image. Star Micronics meets these needs with a comprehensive range of dispensary POS system hardware, perfectly suited for the unique demands of cannabis retail.

leaf iconAdvanced label printers for regulatory compliance, customer management, delivery, and streamlining online ordering systems.

leaf iconTop-line receipt printers, ensuring customers receive proof of legal purchases.

leaf iconRobust, secure cash drawers tailored for the predominantly cash-based cannabis market.

leaf iconNTEP & Measurement Canada certified precision scales (Class II and Class III), a legal necessity for the cannabis trade.

leaf iconHigh-performance 2D barcode scanners capable of parsing ID data and reading barcodes from various surfaces, including paper, screens, and even distorted images.

leaf iconAll-steel POS tablet stands and pole mounts, unifying and organizing tablet-based setups while enhancing security and protection.

leaf iconVersatile mobile printers for flexible and modern in-store customer experience.

Star Micronics’ POS solutions for cannabis dispensaries are designed to streamline operations, from adherence to sales regulations to customer ID validation. Our hardware and technology simplify the process of generating compliant receipts, conducting state-mandated reports, and maintaining thorough audits.

With Star Micronics, achieving and maintaining compliance in the cannabis industry has never been easier.

Add your brand’s distinct logo and unique product designs to our fully customizable code-compliant cannabis labels.

Star Micronics & Cannabis


The State of Cannabis Legalization

The cannabis retail industry is constantly evolving. Marijuana is entirely legal in several U.S. states, with medical use legal in almost every state. And that’s just the beginning. Many states are in the process of legalizing cannabis, and some countries, like Canada, have legalized it on a federal level. Long story short, cannabis is here to stay, and it’s the perfect time to prepare your point-of-sale for this budding industry.


Compliance is Everything

Even in areas where cannabis is legal, compliance is critical. Cannabis retailers must adhere to strict regulations regarding labels, advertising, payments, and proof of purchase. In the U.S., labels must include the THC universal symbol, advertising audiences must be closely tracked and restricted, the cash-only payment policy must be followed, and receipts must provide specific information. But not to worry: Star Micronics helps with it all.


Image Matters

A cannabis dispensary’s look and feel are of utmost importance. A sleek, sophisticated atmosphere helps businesses develop their brand, enhance customer experience, and establish a positive reputation. In addition to strategic merchandising, digital signage, and creative decor, a modern cannabis point-of-sale is essential to creating an enticing yet professional environment. Star Micronics’ stylish looks achieve that.

How Resellers Can Cash in on Cannabis Point-of-Sale

There’s a new consumer market in town with a product that people are clamoring for to the tune of $10 billion per year, and the anticipated growth is 28% over the next three years: cannabis.

Why Star?

Star Micronics’ leadership in the cannabis industry is multifaceted:

  • Compliance: Star Micronics’ dispensary POS system solutions make it easy to become – and stay – compliant, from NTEP-certified scales to properly marked labels.
  • Ambiance: Star Micronics’ product line was designed to enrich cannabis dispensary ambiance, coupling sleek hardware design with modern connectivity features.
  • Personalization: With an expansive portfolio of cloud services – including a value-add, in-store marketing tool that enables you to advertise to customers directly on receipts – Star Micronics helps to create a personalized shopping experience.
  • Reliability: With all products certified by Star Micronics Japan and backed by a strong support team and warranty, the Star Micronics cannabis POS lineup eliminates worry and downtime. Spend more time growing your business and leave the rest to us.


These things come together to create a truly unforgettable atmosphere that will keep customers coming back for more.


Features Built for Cannabis Dispensary POS

We’re with you as you grow


Visually Appealing

Modern, professional aesthetic


Choice of Interface

Wired or wireless connection for flexible installation


Choice of Platform

Compatible with Windows, iPad, Apple, and Android tablet POS systems


All in One Box

Includes power supply, cables, and setup guide



All products are certified by Star Micronics Japan


Fully Supported

Star Micronics’ support team is here to help!

Highlighted Products

Sleek. Compact. Connected.

BSH-32U Handheld 1D/2D USB Barcode Scanner
Premium USB Handheld Barcode Scanner
BSH-20U Wired USB 1D/2D Barcode Scanner
Handheld USB Barcode Scanner
BSH-32B Wireless 1D/2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
Premium Bluetooth Handheld Barcode Scanner
TSP143IV SK Sticky Linerless Label Printer
Super Compact and Modern
mC-Label3 Multifunctional Printer
Optimized Multimedia Printing
mUnite Multi-Tablet Display Tri-Mount
Organize Multi-Tablet Workstations
mUnite Tablet Display Mount 18
Modern, Space-Saving Design
mUnite Tablet Display Mount 7
Modern, Space-Saving Design
mUnite EZ POS Desktop Tablet Display Stand
POS with a Clean, Modern Design
mUnite-3 POS Desktop Tablet Display Stand
POS Solutions with a Clean, Modern Design
mUnite-POP POS Tablet Display Stand
POS with a Clean, Modern Design
mUnite EZ3 POS Desktop Tablet Display Stand
POS with a Clean, Modern Design
mUnite EZ100 POS Desktop Tablet Display Stand
POS with a Clean, Modern Design
mUnite Floor Kiosk Stand
Perfect for Self-Service
mUnite EZDesk Kiosk Tablet Stand
Perfect for Self-Service

Featured Star Services & Solutions

Taking cannabis dispensaries to the next level


Intuitive and Customizable In-Store Marketing Tool


Easy-to-Deliver Digital Receipts, With Option to Add Coupons, Surveys and More


Real-Time Status of All Installed Star Micronics Printers

Premium Grade and BPA-Free Paper

Star Micronics Blue Core receipt and label paper is the ideal choice for cannabis dispensaries, ensuring premium quality and maximizing the life of the printhead. With unparalleled print clarity and longevity, Star’s Blue Core paper helps dispensaries maintain accurate records, provide clear product information to customers, and comply with stringent industry regulations, making it the ultimate solution for their printing needs.

Featuring Required Universal Symbol

Star Micronics provides cannabis dispensaries with code-compliant labels that feature the mandated universal symbol, ensuring businesses meet regulatory requirements with ease. By offering high-quality and industry-compliant labels, Star supports dispensaries in maintaining accurate product information, enhancing customer trust, and promoting responsible cannabis consumption.


Learn More About Star’s Cannabis Dispensary POS Hardware Solutions

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