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Certified POS Software Partners for Star Printers

Our partnerships with industry-leading POS software companies is what makes Star Micronics stand out.

Star is proud to partner with software providers in a variety of industries, including retailrestaurant, and more. Our wide range of receipt, label, and kiosk printers – as well as our online ordering and tablet POS technologies – sets us apart.

Industry-Leading Printers, Compatible with Key Players

With top-of-the-line connectivity and style, Star’s receipt and order printers lead the pack and are supported by industry key players like DoorDash, GrubHub, Shopify, Square, Uber Eats, and more.

With a dedicated integration team and readily available development resources on GitHub, Star is committed to expanding its printer compatibility and is available to create solutions with both establishing and emerging software developers.

Explore Integrations

Below please find a list of Star Micronics Certified Software Partners located throughout the world. If you do not see the software you are interested in or you would like to learn more about becoming Star Micronics Certified, please call 1-800-782-7636 x107 or contact Star’s integration team.

Certified Software Partner Lookup

If you know the name of the software that you’d like to look up you can search for it here. Use the “Star Micronics Cloud Services Compatible” checkbox to learn about partners that integrate our cloud services solutions.

Cloud Services Compatible

Acadia POS is designed from the ground up, ensuring that every feature and function meets merchants' criteria.

AccuPOS provides award-winning Point of Sale software, inventory management, and time clock solutions for businesses on all versions of QuickBooks and Sage accounting platforms. Their industry-leading automation saves you countless bookkeeping hours and puts all your data in accounting – where it belongs.

Accuvia Software Group is a general retail software provider focused on POS, Loyalty, and in-store analytics. We have spent years creating omnichannel solutions and strategies to help retailers engage better with their customers and fill gaps where necessary to adapt to customers’ behaviors and preferences. Our solutions bridge the gap between stable and reliable solutions with the innovation needed to keep retailers competitive while supporting a consistent experience.

Star Cloud Certified

AGILIRON is an exciting SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud-based technology company that offers an Integrated Omni-Channel Commerce Solution Suite targeted at Product-Based businesses looking for top-line and bottom-line growth.

Agility Cloud CMS empowers organizations to create amazing digital experiences that bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds; turning digital storytelling into sales growth and better customer experiences.

Appetize Activate has three modes designed to match your business operations to meet Quick Serve, Retail and Restaurant needs. With an omni-channel approach, Appetize makes front of house transactions more intuitive through fixed, self-serve and handheld form factors, while providing robust kitchen and back office tools.

Star Cloud Certified

It's been 35 years since Auto-Star began creaing innovative technology. Since that time, Auto-Star has evolved into what it has today, providing the best retail POS technology to the grocery, pharmacy and natural health markets.

Star Cloud Certified

Bindo is more than just a point of sale. From easy-to-use inventory management and barcode scanning, to powerful reporting and analytics, the Bindo POS system is designed to be an all-in-one solution for your brick-and-mortar business.

Star Cloud Certified

Biztracker is a powerful Microsoft SQL based Point of Sale Software scalable from one terminal in one store to thousands of terminals in multiple stores across the world. The secret to Biztracker Infinity success is its blend of power and simplicity.

Star Cloud Certified

Premiere cannabis software designed and used by industry experts. User tested, industry adored, and growing more every day. Increase your sales, customer retention, and improve your service quality overnight.

Star Cloud Certified

BooksPOS is a cloud based Point of sale software for retail businesses. It makes complex retail simple with all-in-one cloud inventory, POS, Accounting, and eCommerce.

Star Cloud Certified

Budge is a free Cloud POS System for Restaurants. Features easy self setup and management right from your own web Dashboard. We support Dine-In, Takeout & Delivery. Customers order from the "Budge the Line" mobile app or from your own dynamically generated website that syncs to your menu dashboard.

Star Cloud Certified

A customizable, modern, and multipurpose POS provider that adapts to its environment. Camaleon POS has the perfect solution for Restaurant & Bar, Grocery & Retail, and Quick Service.

From in-store management, ecommerce and integrated delivery/curbside workflow, Cannalytic Data Group provides a one-stop solution to Retail Operations through their easy to use Retail D.A.B (Daily Activities Board) platform.

Star Cloud Certified

CardFlight is building the future of payment technology by making payment acceptance easier and faster for small businesses.

Cashier Live is the simple, intuitive point of sales software you've been looking for to solve all your problems. Whether you need to quickly ring up sales, track inventory, or view sales data and reports- you can get the job done with one simple tool.

Celerant Technology was built from the ground up to help retailers easily manage every component of their operation in a single integrated platform. Their retail management solutions put the power of scalable enterprise class technology into the hands of mid-market and small retailers alike with user-friendly interfaces at accessible price points.

Star Cloud Certified

Cervelle Software develops and sells Merchant Magic™, the leading ATF- compliant Point of Sale (POS) Software for the firearms and sporting goods industries. Merchant Magic™ is a Windows®-based POS software program that manages your business by providing complete inventory, customer, serial number, purchasing, receiving and sales tracking.

The leading Point of Sales software, apps and online ordering service used by dry cleaners & laundry services worldwide. CleanCloud's mission is to provide dry cleaners and laundry services with the best POS software and pickup and delivery apps, as well as to improve customer satisfaction worldwide.

Star Cloud Certified

Built by people who know your industry. Supported by people who’ll know your name. AmeriCloud Solutions offers small to medium-sized restaurants robust restaurant technology software which includes commission free online ordering directly from the restaurant’s own website coupled with an intuitive and beautiful POS.

Star Cloud Certified
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