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ChromeOS Printers, POS Hardware & Technology

Star Chromeos

Star Accessories Compatible with ChromeOS Devices

Star Micronics proudly supports ChromeOS across diverse sectors with a wide array of printers and hardware. Our solutions are natively supported, offering seamless integration for healthcare, kiosk and self-service, education, government, and manufacturing applications, ensuring reliability and efficiency in every interaction.

Star Micronics has a wide range of Chrome OS printers and POS hardware for Google Chrome.

Healthcare Goes High-Tech: How Technology is Solving Healthcare's Operational Challenges

Post-pandemic protocols, fewer available professionals, and an increased need for efficiency and accuracy are major healthcare pain points. Many in the industry have been suffering from burnout and exhaustion. But technology is available to help clear these hurdles, and this practical guide helps navigate the space.

ChromeOS: Built-in Support for Star Printers

Star Micronics printers integrate effortlessly with ChromeOS, thanks to the built-in Linux CUPS driver, making us a premier choice for ChromeOS users. ChromeOS's popularity stems from its lightweight architecture and enhanced security features, ideal for fast-paced, security-conscious environments. This native support ensures that our wide range of printers, from receipt to label and mobile printing solutions, work seamlessly with ChromeOS devices, providing reliability and ease of use for all business applications.

Star Micronics has a wide range of Chrome OS printers and POS hardware for Google Chrome.
Healthcare POS


Streamlining Healthcare with Reliable Printing

In healthcare settings, Star Micronics' hardware and technology play a crucial role in improving operational efficiency and patient care. Our label printers are essential for accurately printing patient labels and visitor badges, ensuring proper identification and reducing the risk of medical errors. Thermal receipt and prescription printers facilitate smooth pharmacy transactions and administrative processes, enhancing the overall patient experience by ensuring quick and secure document handling.

Star Micronics works with Google Chrome OS for the self-service kiosk industry.


Innovating Self-Service with Star Kiosk Printers

Star Micronics’ kiosk printers are at the forefront of self-service technology, providing easy-to-use, warranty-protected printing mechanisms with plenty of optional accessories. From ordering food in fast-casual restaurants to checking in at airports, our printers ensure that transactions are not only seamless but also tailored to specific business needs, contributing to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Star Micronics works with Google Chrome OS for governmental industries.


Proven Solutions for Government Services

In government sectors, Star Micronics offers a comprehensive suite of hardware solutions, including label printers, receipt printers, kiosk printers, and 1D/2D barcode scanners, designed to meet diverse operational needs. From issuing secure vehicle registration receipts to scanning confidential documents for easy tracking and access, our technology ensures data security and regulatory compliance.

Star Micronics works with Google Chrome OS for the education industry.


Lifting Up Education with Reliable Efficiency

Star Micronics’ printers support educational institutions by streamlining administrative tasks and helping to improve the learning environment. From printing student IDs and library labels to managing cafeteria transactions, our solutions ensure that schools can focus on education and student engagement while handling operational demands with ease.


Building the Future: Resources for ChromeOS Developers

Unlock your potential with our must-read technology brochure, SDK guide, and insightful ebook on the benefits of the popular StarPRNT SDK.

Star Micronics Technologies for Today's Market

In a constantly evolving POS landscape, your software deserves hardware that enhances its capabilities - not limits it. Star Micronics ensures your application stands out, helping you address customer demands, mitigate challenges, and drive sales by offering comprehensive POS solutions. Integrating with Star has never been easier.

An Independent Software Vendor's (ISV's) Guide to Star Printer SDKs

For ISVs navigating the complexities of printer integration, the path forward is often strewn with challenges. Get to know Star Micronics' range of software development kits (SDKs), each uniquely crafted to address these challenges and enhance your integration prowess.

6 Reasons Why Developers Should Choose the StarPRNT SDK

The changing landscapes of the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries require end-users to refresh their technologies consistently. Merchants using technology that allows customers to shop, dine and pay with greater flexibility is an advantage that can bolster their competitive edge.