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Real-Time Printer Status

Remaining informed about the status of all of your printers is imperative to business operation. Simplify that process with Device Management! Available free of charge, the Device Management tool is one of the services offered to retailers and service providers using Star Micronics’ printer products (mC-Print2, mC-Print3, TSP143IV, and mPOP®). This tool provides real-time status across the installed base of printers, including different locations, with refreshed error status notifications on a comprehensive cloud-based dashboard.

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Real-Time Printer Status

Device Management provides real-time status, giving retailers the advantage of identifying issues before point of sale transactions, such as:

  • Cover open
  • Paper out
  • Cash drawer open
  • Unplugged printers
  • Forecast indication of staff training requirement
  • Forecast possible fraudulent or criminal activities
Star Micronics Cloud Services on Computer

Part of the Star Micronics Cloud Services Portfolio

Device Management is part of the complete Star Micronics Cloud Services portfolio. Star Micronics Cloud Services also include PromoPRNT, a value-added receipt marketing tool that can boost customer acquisition and engagement.

Real-Time Status of Your Star Micronics Printers

Full features from any remote location

Real-Time Printer Status Dashboard

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