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Fiscal Printers

Accurate, easy-to-integrate fiscal printers – across the globe

Looking to expand your business globally? Are you prepared to offer the fiscal printers required in many countries? Star Micronics can help. As a global company known for quality and reliability, Star Micronics can support you as you grow your business across borders and provide you with a range of printing solutions to help you meet the fiscal printing requirements of regulated markets.


Star Micronics proudly offers a variety of printers including:

  • Desktop receipt printers
  • Portable receipt printers
  • Self-service kiosk printers
  • Impact printers
  • Multi-function printers
  • And more
Full 2022 Product Catalog by Star Micronics.

Star Micronics Product Catalog

Star provides various solutions across the technology spectrum, from native to cloud-based apps.

Fiscal Consulting Services

Star Micronics offers consulting services to help you navigate local government regulations. Fiscal solutions are constantly evolving, and requirements differ from country-to-country and time-to-time. Here are some examples of solutions that Star was able to research and offer solutions for:

Originally, fiscal agencies requested that business owners keep a log of each transaction. In order to do so, the easiest way was to keep a copy of each customer receipt and many countries implemented requirements to use impact printers with multiple ply paper rolls to support this requirement. Therefore, thermal printers were not authorized.

  • In the next generation of requirements, agencies imposed that the receipt data be stored in the printer in a special sealed module. Since the security of this information was so important, fiscal agencies only allowed local technology providers to develop these modules and partnerships between these companies and the printer manufacturers developed. Star has been working with these companies for years to deliver the best solutions for these fiscal countries.
  • And lastly, the newest generation of fiscal solutions does not require the fiscal module to be integrated with the printer, which reduces the cost and complexity of the solution.

Cloud: The Future of Fiscal Solutions

A handful of countries are now considering moving their fiscal solutions to the cloud, meaning that it is now the responsibility of the POS software (or other applications) to record every single transaction in an approved fiscal log stored on the cloud. The fiscal agencies, can now, at any time, monitor and verify business sales and transactions. In this instance, the receipt printer is no longer involved in this operation.


Star Micronics for Fiscal Printer Solutions

Are you looking for a fiscal solution partner for any of the below? Star can help!
Develop a fiscal board and memory
Help with the delivery of an electronic journal
Target fiscal agencies that offer Blackbox solutions
Target fiscal agencies that offer cloud-based solutions

As a global provider, Star has offices and/or in-country partners that monitor these requirements and are available to help you research and complete your solution.

Star is ready to help you get started with fiscal printing. Contact us now to get started.