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Retail & Hospitality Health & Safety Solutions

Helping Partners Navigate a Post-Pandemic Environment

Covid-19 has dramatically impacted the way businesses and customers interact. These changes are expected to affect consumer interactions for years to come. As a result, our experts at Star Micronics have come together to provide you with the ultimate guide for creating health and safety-friendly environments for retail, hospitality, cannabis dispensaries, and more.

Restaurants and retail will survive and thrive in the new normal!

Everyday Solutions For Every Industry

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Cannabis retail


POSShield by Star Micronics


These sneeze- and virus-protection guards are designed for countertops surrounding your point-of-sale (POS) and other areas where face-to-face contact is close. They’re lightweight and portable, and help keep customers and employees safer, especially during cold and flu season.

Anti-Microbial Covers

Designed for restaurants and retailers, the antimicrobial covers offered by Star cover high-touch surfaces to reduce the transfer of germs. They’re safe to use and easy to apply on common touchpoints. From door handles to checkout counters, the antimicrobial covers create safer surfaces for everyone.

Solutions For Your Industry Needs

Online Ordering & Curbside Pickup

Online ordering and curbside pickup have grown exponentially in the past few years. Make sure your operations are future-proof, connected, and ready to implement these solutions.

High-Performance 1D/2D Barcode Scanners


Get more flexibility at your checkout counter with this high-performing 2D handheld barcode scanner. In sleek black or antimicrobial white.

Black wireless handheld 2D barcode scanner

Wireless solutions get staff mobile. Our barcode scanners come in black or antimicrobial white options, perfect for the healthcare industry.


This heavy-duty desktop scanner captures 1D & 2D barcodes and is perfect for stationary solutions behind POSShields.

Thermal Receipt & Label Printers


Linerless labeling prints repositionable sticky labels that stick to most surfaces but can be removed easily and re-stuck. These labels are perfect for secure delivery or curbside pickup.


Compact for tight spaces, splash-proof exterior, and advanced connectivity make this printer perfect for restaurants and retailers looking to minimize their hardware footprint.


With a fast print speed, multiple built-in security features, and modern connectivity options, this prescription printer is ideal for the healthcare industry.

Tamper-Proof Labels

Whether delivering food or prescriptions, give your customers added confidence with tamper-proof labels that securely seal parcels for delivery and order pickup.

Take-out bags and containers with tamper-proof labels by Star Micronics keep them securely closed.

Self-Service Solutions

Build self-service stations with the ultimate kiosk solutions by Star. Pair our tablet display stands, mounts, printers, and scanners to create a self-service station unique to your business needs.

mUnite Tablet Stands & Mounts

Black 18" tablet display pole mount, tablet and tablet enclosure not included.

Tablet Display Mounts

With an array of stylish and secure tablet mounts, patrons can check in or place their orders themselves.

Black desktop kiosk stand by Star Micronics. Tablet and tablet enclosure not included.

Desktop Kiosk Stand

Refresh your self-service stations and reduce the bulk on your counters with this all-steel desktop kiosk stand.

Kiosk Floor Stand

This Kiosk Floor Stand is reliably made from steel yet easy to transport. It’s ideal for self-check-ins at medical facilities and hotels or for self-ordering in restaurants, cafeterias, or anywhere else that needs to control traffic flow.

Self-Service Kiosk Printers - Print Receipt, Label, and Linerless Label Paper

The SK1-211 2" kiosk printer by Star Micronics.

Compact, lightweight, and dependable, these 2-inch thermal printers offer maintenance-free solutions with fast print times.

The SK1-311 SK repositionable linerless label kiosk printer by Star Micronics.

The compact, lightweight SK1-311 series 3-inch thermal kiosk printers are easy to integrate and include a linerless sticky label model.

Innovative Technology for Effortless Integration

At Star, we pride ourselves on being leaders. That is why we are always thinking about what’s next in technology to make it easy for software developers to integrate with our hardware.

CloudPRNT cloud-based printing technology by Star Micronics.

Print to Star printers directly through a cloud service with the mC-Print3, TSP143III, TSP143IV, TSP654II, and TSP654SK.

Star Micronics PassPRNT logo

Receives print data from native and web-based applications using a URL scheme and sends it to the printer.

The StarXpand SDK for React Native helps streamline software development.

A cross-platform framework that supports the development of connecting to and controlling Star printers in applications that utilize React Native.

Star Micronics POS and label printers are AirPrint-compatible.

Star Micronics was the first to get one of its receipt printers Apple AirPrint certified.

StarPRNT SDK by Star Micronics, software development kit.

Enables receipt printing from any iOS, Android, or Windows device.

WebPRNT web-based printing technology by Star Micronics.

Supports customers using web-based POS applications and enables device-agnostic printing.


Explore these resources to learn more about the solutions that enable our customers to maintain their safety and continue meeting the ever-changing needs of the public.

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