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Eco Product Focus: The TSP800Rx

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TSP800Rx: The Secure and Enviromentally-Friendly Way to Print Prescriptions

Star Micronics has the solution to print thermal prescriptions using its secured locking TSP800Rx Printer. Answering the requests from hospitals and physicians to efficiently automate the prescription process and make it simple is the cure from Star. The Secured TSP800Rx printer enables doctors to print thermal prescriptions vs. handwritten prescriptions from a pad avoiding legibility errors. Utilizing specialized and secured thermal prescription paper, the prescriptions are printed using the latest electronic medical record (EMR) software in the industry, resulting in a secured legible script in seconds.

No more messy ribbon replacements, the TSP800Rx features simple and easy “Drop-In” secured thermal prescription paper, the sole consumable. This intelligent printer prints one script at a time at a lightning fast speed of 180 mm/sec, helping doctors to avoid wasting sheets of prescriptions. The Secured TSP800Rx prints faster than a laser printer, produces output that is clearer than an inkjet printer and it is smaller than a shoe box, a true space saver. All of these features not only boost efficiency in hospitals and medical offices around the world, but also help to reduce carbon footprint and waste.

The secured Locking TSP800Rx:

Available in Serial, Parallel, USB and Ethernet Interfaces
• Locking Feature Secures Rx Paper Roll from being taken from the printer without authorization
• Kensington Lock Slot

Fast, Silent Printing


• No consumables other than paper, ever!

• Print 1 script at a time, never wasting an Rx Sheet


• Half the size of an InkJet Printer – only 8.5″ x 7″


• Only 2 seconds to print a script

• Only 5 seconds to load paper roll (drop in paper)


• Never change a cartridge or ribbon

• Never have paper jams

• 3 Year Warranty

• Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

• Print 1 script at a time

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