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Eco Product Focus: TSP800II

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Find the latest information on the TSP800II here.

Did you know the compact TSP800II requires no ink or toner and is the perfect replacement for wasteful A4 printers?

Star Micronics prides itself on products that are environmentally friendly and has developed direct thermal printers that are efficient both in terms of their low power consumption and low CO2 emissions. Small and compact, the TSP800II printer from Star Micronics provides an effective alternative to a traditional laser printer proving itself to be the ideal solution for environments such as hotel reception areas where space is limited and high performance printing is required.

Star’s printer drivers allow printers to scale down everything that is displayed on a screen with exacting precision. Whether using standard 80mm wide paper or 112mm wide paper, the documents created will be printed exactly as they are displayed. This is ideal for printing from any application that is designed only for A4 printers (such as Internet Explorer). For example, using the Star TSP800II in a kiosk the customer benefits from web printing services by automatically scaling A4 images on to 112mm wide paper without having to install a complex laser printer with its associated consumable costs. Also, this means that there is no requirement for third party software controls to enable scaled printing. All this from Star printers with a first page out time of less than one second compared with an average of 22 seconds for a popular Laser Jet printer.

Beyond this flexibility, Star printers are environmentally friendly. Recent tests carried out comparing a number of Star direct thermal printers with a popular Laser Jet printer have revealed that Star clearly leads the field in terms of low power consumption and low CO2 emissions.

Star Direct Thermals VS Popular Laser Jet Model

Star Direct Thermals VS Popular Laser Jet Model

Power Consumption (W)

 TSP650TSP800II/TSP700IILaser Jet
At Printing (Max)120120535
At Printing (Ave)40.843.2245
At Standby3.62.4/3.611
PS60B Power Supply0.420.42
Product Total41.2243.62245

Star Direct Thermals VS Popular Laser Jet Model

Star Direct Thermals VS Popular Laser Jet Model

CO2 Emissions (kg)

 Unit(s)TSP650TSP800II/TSP700IILaser Jet
1 Hour10.02270.02400.1348
1 Day (8 Hours)10018.136819.1928107.8
1 Month (20 Days)1003633842,156
1 year (12 Months)1004,3534,60625,872
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