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How do I integrate my Star POS Printer with my iOS or Android POS Software

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Printing from an iOS or Android mobile device (tablets, smartphones) to a POS printer is a swift experience if the app you are printing from integrated support for your printer.

Due to the design of mobile operating systems (mOS), mobile devices do not offer a printing queue system similar to the ones using Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems, hence the need for printer integration. Please check with your POS software provider if they support your specific Star printer model, or ask which models they support.

Star POS printers can be integrated on a per-app basis using any one of our industry leading Software Development Kits (SDKs). Each app determines which printers to support, and what features of those printers they need. This is turn allows each app to offer a unique and seamless printing experience specific to its function (e.g., an online order app may not need cash drawer features).

Star Micronics strongly supports integrators and developers, creating the industry’s best Software Development Kit (SDK) to help integrate Star products into their own software applications.

If you are a developer and would like more information of our SDK and other integration resources, please visit our developers support webpage by clicking HERE, or for the Star GrubHub page, click HERE

If your POS app already supports Star printers, simply connect your device to your network if using Ethernet or WiFi printers, or pair the device with the printer if using Bluetooth.

For more specific information of how to connect a Star wireless printers to your network or Bluetooth device, please visit our help-center knowledge base library clicking HERE.

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