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How to assign a Static IP to a Star Ethernet printer (web UI method and HI07/08 interface)

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This application note shows how to change or assign a Static IP on a Star Desktop Ethernet printer using the printer’s web user interface (UI)

Note: The device (PC, tablet or smartphone) and printer must be connected to the same network.

While these instructions were written using the TSP700II as an example, this document applies to all models indicated bellow.

Supported Printers: FVP10, TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II, SP700, TUP500
Supported Interfaces: Ethernet (IFBD-HE07/08)
Supported Environments: Any browser


  1. Perform a self-test and take note of the printer’s IP address. To print a Self-test:

    Thermal printers:  Power printer [ON] while simultaneously holding [FEED] button until printing begins.
    Impact printers: Power printer [ON] while simultaneously holding [FEED] button until the printer emits a “beep” sound.

2.   Open a Browser on any device and enter the printer’s IP Address

3.   Log in with the following credentials:

User Name: root
Password: public

Note: It is recommended to change these credentials for increased security. If you do, please take note and safeguard the
new credential for future web UI access.

4.  Click “IP Parameters” in the left menu bar.

5.   Select “Static”. Enter the desired Static IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and Click “Submit”.

6.   To confirm the information entered, click “Save” in the left menu bar

7.   Select “Save –> Configuration printing –> Restart device” and click “Execute” to save settings and print a test page.

8.  The new setting changes should take approx. ten seconds to apply, after which the printer will restart with the new configuration settings should this operation be successful.

Congratulations! you have configured your Star Ethernet printer with a Static IP address. Please Close your browser.


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