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How to Change Weight Measuring Unit on Scale

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How to change the weight measuring unit of the Star MG-S scales series. This example demonstrates the change from Pounds(lb.) to grams(g). For more information, please refer to the MG-S Series Operation Manual

Supported Scales: mG-S8200, mG-S322, mG-S8200

Weight unit options by model:

– MG-S8200: “gram”, “pound” and “ounce.”

– MG-S1501: “gram”, “carat”, “pound” and “ounce”

– MG-S322 : “gram”, “carat”, “pound”, “ounce” and “grain”


Press the MENU Button


Press the F4 button


Press the F2 button


Press the F4 button.

Note: The unit (LB in this example) starts to blink


Press the F1 or F2 button as needed to navigate to the desired weight unit


Press the F4 button to select the desired unit


Press the MENU button to save the unit setting.


Congratulations, you have now completed the change of the weight measurement unit!

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