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How to Clear Bluetooth Pairing Cache Information from Star Scanners

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This application note outlines the steps to reset scanner Bluetooth pairing information specifically for Star Micronics models BSH-20B, BSH-32B, or BSH-HR2081BT.

Resetting the Bluetooth pairing information of the scanner may be required when connecting the scanner to a different device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.)

Supported Scanners: BSH-20B, BSH-32B, or BSH-HR2081BT
Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth
Supported Environments: Any

Clearing Scanner Pairing Information

Please note that a device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) can only be paired with one Bluetooth scanner at a time. Therefore, if you need to connect a new or different scanner, it’s necessary to forget or remove the current scanner from the device. Additionally, to use the scanner with a different device, you’ll need to clear its pairing cache information. This process is exclusive to Bluetooth scanners OR scanners in Bluetooth mode.

To reset your Scanner’s Pairing Cache Info, simply scan the following three barcodes sequentially from top to bottom.

A group of black bar code Description automatically generated

Congratulations! You have now cleared pairing info on your Bluetooth Scanner.  
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