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How to Display on-screen keyboard on iOS devices using Bluetooth Scanners

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This application note explains how to display the on-screen keyboard on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) while connected to a Star BSH-20B or BSH-32B scanner.

When using the BSH-20B or the BSH-32B in Bluetooth HID mode, the on-screen keyboard may disappear from site due to iOS recognizing the scanner as a connected Bluetooth keyboard.

If your POS software requires scanner input, as well as keyboard input, follow the steps below.

Supported Scanners: BSH20B & BSH32B
Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth
Supported Environments: iOS

The BSH-20B and BSH-32B scanners can only be paired with one Bluetooth device at a time. To pair with a new device, the current pairing must be forgotten and the scanners’ Bluetooth pairing cache information must be reset. For information on how to clear the scanner’s pairing into, click HERE.

How to activate and display the iOS Keyboard

1 . Pair your iOS device with the scanner

a. Ensure the Scanner’s battery is charged.

b. Enable Bluetooth on iPad: On your iPad, go to: Settings, then tap Bluetooth. Toggle the switch to turn Bluetooth [ON].

c. Scan for Devices: Your iPad will start scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices. Wait for the scanner to appear in the list of available devices.

d. Select the Scanner: Once the scanner appears in the list, tap on it to initiate the pairing process.

e. Verify Connection: Once paired, you should see the status of the scanner as connected in the Bluetooth settings on your iPad.

2 . Once the pairing is complete, pull the scanner’s trigger twice to display the iOS keyboard.

  • The on-screen keyboard will remain visible until the next barcode is scanned.
  • Repeat these step [2] as necessary.

Congratulations! You are now able to display and hide the  iOS keyboard.  
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