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How to enable SteadyLAN on Star mC-Print printers

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This application note explains how to enable the SteadyLAN functionality of the applicable Star printers, providing an internet connection to your tablet plugged into the printer with a USB-Lightning (Apple devices) or USB-C (Android and Windows devices) cable.

Supported Printers: MCP31L, MCP31LB with Apple devices, and MCP31C, MCP31CB with Android or Windows Devices

Supported Interfaces: USB-Lightning, USB-C

Supported Environments: iOS, Android

Star Tools Need: mc-Print Utility for iOS and Android devices and SteadyLAN Setting Utility for mCollection for Windows devices.

How to connect your printer and enable SteadyLAN

1) Turn OFF your printer and disconnect all cables from it. 1) 2) 3)

2) Plug your device into the USB-C for Android devices and the USB-Lightning for iOS devices.


3) Plug the printer into the router.


4) Plug the printer into a power outlet.


5) Power ON the printer.


6) Open the mC-Print Utility app and connect your printer by clicking “Not Selected” blinking in red


7) Once the printer is connected, click on “Start Guide”.


8) Click  “Use Star SteadyLAN”.


9) Click “Next” and then “Enable SteadyLAN”.

10) Turn the Wi-Fi OFF on your device.

11) Open “Network Settings” in the mcPrint Utility app and configure your IP as DHCP (default) or Static as needed


NOTE: The default IP Address type is DHCP, but it can be configured as Static if required. To configure a Static IP please click on “Network Settings” in the mcPrint Utility app and configure as needed.


Congratulations, you have enabled SteadyLAN and are now ready to connect to your network through your Star mc-Print !!!

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