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How to Parse Drivers License Data fields with Star Scanners and StarSCAN software

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This application note provides an overview of Driver’s License Parsing feature of the below specified Star Micronics scanners and the use of the Star StarSCAN application.

This Parsing feature is designed to facilitate the selection and extraction of data from PDF417 barcodes located on the back of Drivers’ Licenses standardized by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)

Supported Scanners: BSD-40U, BSH-32B, BSH-32U, BSH-20B, BSH-20U
Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth, USB
Supported Environments: Any

Extracting Data with StarSCAN

Using Star Micronics scanners with our StarSCAN configuration tool simplifies the process of selecting and exporting specific Driver’s License information. For instance, you can effortlessly capture details like name, age, and address for various purposes, including age verification for alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis sales.

Step 1:

Launch the StarSCAN application, click Online Device and select your scanner:

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated


A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated


Navigate to the Data Formatting tab and select USA Drivers License Parsing.

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

Step 2:

Next, from the “Data Fields information” and “Data Field information 2” sections, choose the Data type you wish to parse along with Separator Fields using the “>>” button to add the selected fields to the selection list as shown in the below image. Repeat this step for each field you want parsed. Once done, click “Ok” to save and return to the main configuration screen.

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

Step 3:

Upon returning to the main configuration screen, you’ll find your selected Data Fields under Driver’s License Information, with your configuration listed under “Configuration History”. You can manage configurations, deleting or adding them as needed (up to a total of 500 Data fields and Separators.) Finally, select “Save Config” to store the settings on your device (PC, etc.).

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Below is the list of the mandatory data elements on AAMVA documents.

Data Fields Information:

  1. DAU: Height
  2. DAW: Weight (pounds)
  3. DAY: Eye Color
  4. DAZ: Hair Color
  5. DBA: Document Expiration Date
  6. DBB: Date of Birth
  7. DBC: Sex
  8. DBD: Document Issue Date
  9. DBG: Alias/AKA Given Name
  10. DCA: Vehicle Class
  11. DCB: Restriction Codes
  12. DCD: Endorsement Codes
  13. DCE: Weight Range
  14. DCF: Document Discriminator
  15. DCG: County Identification
  16. DCJ: Audit Identification
  17. DCK: Inventory Control Number
  18. DCS: Customer Family Name
  19. DCU: Name Suffix
  20. DDA: Compliance Type
  21. DDB: Card Revision Date
  22. DDC: HAZMAT Endorsement Expiration Date
  23. DDD: Limited Duration Document indicator
  24. DDE: Family Name Truncation
  25. DDF: First Name Truncation
  26. DDG: Middle Name Truncation


Data Fields Information 2

  1. DAA: Driver License Name
  2. DAB: Driver Last Name
  3. DAE: Driver Name Suffix
  4. DAL: Driver Residence Street Address 1
  5. DAM: Driver Residence Street Address 2
  6. DAN: Driver Residence City
  7. DAO: Driver Residence Jurisdiction Code
  8. DAP: Driver Residence Posta Code
  9. DAR: Driver License Classification Code
  10. DAT: Driver License Endorsement Code
  11. DAV: Height (cm)
  12. DBE: Issue Timestamp
  13. DNF: Number of Duplicates
  14. DBH: Organ Donor
  15. DBI: Non-Resident Indicator
  16. DBJ: Unique Customer Identifier
  17. DBK: Social Security Number
  18. DCH: Federal Commercial Vehicle Codes
  19. DCT: Customer Given Names

Congratulations! You are now able to use the Driver’s License Parsing feature.

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