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How to Reset Star Bluetooth Printers

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This article shows how to reset a Star desktop Bluetooth printer interface back to factory settings. This is normally done to resolve Bluetooth pairing or printing issues.

Supported Printers: All Star desktop Bluetooth printers.
Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth

1)  Ensure all nearby Bluetooth capable devices (PC, tablets, smartphones) are not paired or have their Bluetooth set to OFF.

2)  Power the printer OFF and locate the Bluetooth Reset (RST) button on the back.

3)  While pressing the Reset (RST) button (1), turn the power switch ON (2), and continue to hold the Reset button for five (5) seconds or until the printer resets twice, making 2 mechanical initialization sound.

NOTE: In case of MPOP, there is no initialization sound but instead the Power LED (blue) and the Error LED (red) located on the top of mPOP will blink. When blinking starts, release the Bluetooth reset button, and when the initialization operation has finished, the error LED will stop blinking, and only the Power LED will remain lit.

* The above image depicts a TSP100IIIBT printer as an example.

4)  After resetting, the power light will show solid ON and the error light OFF.

Congratulations! Your Bluetooth printer interface is now reset.

Video Tutorial

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