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How To Setup a TSP100IIIW on a WiFi Network

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This application note explains how to manually setup the TSP100IIIW on a network without the use of WPS.

As an alternative, you may watch a videio with these instreuction by clicking HERE.

Supported Printers: TSP100IIIW
Supported Interfaces: Wi-Fi
Supported Environments: iOS, Android, Windows (32/64-bit)

Before you begin

NOTE: The printer can connet to 2.4GHz networks only. It may be necessary to split a combo 2.4g/5g network into 2 separate networks. Additionally, the Security Type may not be combo WPA/WPA2 or TKIP/AES. 

1. Take note of your wireless network name (SSID) and password. Please consider that the setup process is case sensitive.

2. On your printer, print the self-test and take note of the listed MAC and IP Addresses. For instructions on how to print a self-test, click HERE.

The Mac Address is found at the top of the self-test sheet under “Network Configuration”, and the IP address, at teh buttom under “Current IP Parameters”


IMPORTANT: By default, the temporary IP Address should be (Static). 

Connect TSP100IIIW Manually

1. Ensure the printer is powered [ON] and has paper properly loaded.

2. On your device (PC, tablet or smartphone) open the Wi-Fi settings and connect directly to the printer. It should apears in a format similar to “TSP100III-XXXXX” as hown in the below example:

NOTE: It may take up to 1 minute until connection is confirmed. It is also normal for it to read “No Internet” as the printer is not fully setup at this point.

3. Once connected, open a browser (e.g., Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) and enter the printer’s IP Address “″  into the address bar and click (Enter]. The printer’s Web Configuration page should appear.

Click “Login”.

When prompted, enter the below username and password, and click “Sign in”.

    Username: root
    Password: public

Click “WLAN Settings” to enter the Wi-Fi configuration page.

Enter the following case-sensitive information:

  • Select “Infrastructure
  • Enter the SSID (your WiFi’s  name. Case sensitive)
  • Enter the Security Type (select AUTO if available or WPA2/AES if not)
  • Enter the Security Key (your WiFi’s password)
  • Click “Submit”

** IMPORTANT: The Wi-Fi name (SSID) must match exactly as it appears or setup will not be successful. 

8. Verify the network information and click “Save”.

9. Select “Save -> Configuration Printing -> Restart device” and click “Execute”.

10. If successful, the below message should display, your printer will reboot and print the network configuration page.

11. This last phase can take up to 2 minutes for the printer setup to finalize. When completed, the ready LED on the front of the printer will turn solid blue and the network configuration page will print, showing the printer’s IP Address as assigned by the Current IP Parameters Status section.

NOTE: If the printer fails to connect to your network, it may be due to: 1) The SSID and/or passwords were incorrect. 2) The security Type is incompatible with your network (TSP100IIIW does not support WPA/WPA2 or TKIP/AES combos). 3) The network frequency is not 2.4GHz. Please verify minimum requirement are met, reset the printer to default settings and try again. For instruction on how to reset your printer, click HERE

Congratulations! You have successfully completes all steps to manually connect the TSP100IIIW to a network.

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