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How to Store and Edit Logos and other Graphics Using StarPRNT

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This application note explains how to import, modify, and assign monochrome graphics to be stored in a Star Printer. StarPRNT offers an easy-to use management system for logos, coupons and other image files. While these instructions were written using the TSP700II printer, this document applies to all the models listed models.

Supported Printers: FVP10, TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II, SP700, TUP500, TUP900

Supported Printer Emulation: Star Line Mode (Default), ESC/POS Mode

Supported Interfaces: Ethernet*, USB, PoweredUSB, Serial, Parallel

Supported Environments: Windows 10(32/64-bit), Windows 7(32/64-bit), Windows 7(32/64-bit)

* TUP900 does not support Ethernet connection

StarPRNT and Printer Installation

If the Star Printer has already been installed on the system, skip to section 2, Modifying and Storing Graphics.

If the Star Printer has not been installed on the system, it is necessary to install it using the StarPRNT Intelligence Driver at this point in time. For detailed installation instructions, please visit our Help Center page.

Once the printer is installed on the system, return to this application note and skip to section 2, Modifying and Storing Graphics.

Modifying and Storing Graphics

Connect the printer to the PC and turn the power on. StarPRNT should have already been installed at this time.


Click the Windows Start button and navigate StarMicronics > Printer Software > Printer Utility.


Click “Logo Store”.


Click “Add”.


Browse to the location where the graphic to be used is saved on the PC and click “Open”.


The graphic is imported into StarPRNT. Click “Test Print” to print the image.


StarPRNT allows the graphic to be modified directly in the utility. Click “Edit”.


Modify image size, brightness, and dithering levels as desired.


After adjusting the image, click “Test Print” to print the image.


If the printed image is acceptable, click “Export Edited Image” to save the customized graphic to the PC if desired. Then, click “OK”.


If the printed image is not acceptable, adjust the size, brightness, and dithering to satisfaction. To start fresh, click “Restore Original” to revert the image back to its unformatted state.


It is possible to add multiple graphics. After importing them into the StarPRNT Utility, use the “Up” and “Down” buttons to position them in the desired order. Each graphic is saved into the printer in consecutive order as displayed in StarPRNT.


After adjusting all graphics and their order, click “Store Logos” to download them into the printer.


The printer resets, confirming the graphics have been successfully stored. Click “Yes” to print out all graphics that were just stored to confirm print quality is satisfactory.


Congratulations! You have successfully modified and stored graphics into your Star Printer.

Deleting Individual Stored Graphics

Highlight the stored graphic to be deleted and click “Delete”.


Click “Yes”.


Click “Store Logos”.


The printer resets, confirming the graphics have been successfully stored. Click “Yes” to print out all stored graphics. The image deleted from the list will no longer appear in the printer memory.

Deleting All Stored Graphics

Click “Clear All”.


Click “Yes”.


The printer resets, confirming all stored graphics have been deleted from its memory.

Printing All Stored Graphics

Graphics stored in the printer can be printed all at once from StarPRNT.

Specify the amount of graphics desired to print out; the default setting is up to 10 but can be increased.

Click “Print Logos”. All stored graphics within the designated range are printed in consecutive order.

Exporting/Importing Settings

Settings in StarPRNT can be exported and replicated across multiple terminals. To export:

Click “Export”.


Browse to the preferred location to save this file and give it a unique name. Then click “Save”.


The XML file is saved in the specified directory and can serve to archive the current settings in StarPRNT. This file can also be imported on other systems with StarPRNT installed to replicate printer settings quickly.


To Import:

Click “Import”.


Browse to the location of the XML file and click “Open”.


StarPRNT automatically loads the settings stored in the XML file that was just imported. To save these graphics to the printer, click “Store Logos”.

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