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How to change Emulation on Star Desktop Printers

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This application note details how to change the printer language emulation of the below listed star printers from StarLine to ESC/POS mode.

Supported Printers: TSP650, TSP650II, TSP700II, FVP-10, SP500, SP700, TSP800II
Supported Interfaces: All
Supported Environments: All

DIP Switch Settings

NOTE: Before proceeding, please ensure the printer is OFF and unplugged. Changing the printer’s emulation only entails switching the corresponding DIP SWITCHES located in a panel at the bottom of the printer as shown below.  This process only applies to the indicated models.

The following image uses the TSP800II as an Example. All applicable printer models have the DIP Switch located at the bottom.

1)  Unplug the printer’s power cable

2)  Using a small screwdriver, remove the cover as shown below to access the DIPSWITCH panel.

3) Switch the corresponding DIP Switch (DIPSW) to the [OFF] position:

    TSP650, TSP650II, TSP700II, FVP-10:   set DIPSW 1-1 to [OFF].
    SP500, SP700:   set DIPSW 1-4 (on the group of 8 switches) [OFF].
    TSP800II:   set DIPSW 1-1 and 1-2 (on the group of 8 switches) [OFF].

4) Plug the printer’s power cable and turn [ON] to save the new configuration.

5) Printer a self-test to confirm the new emulation setting. “ESC/POS” should appear in the “Emulation” setting.

To print a Self-Test:
– Turn power [OFF]     – Press and hold the [FEED] button located at the front of the printer.
– Turn power [ON] while still holding down the [FEED] button, and only releasing it when printing begins.

To revert the emulation back to StarLine, simply set the above mentioned Dip Swithes to [ON] following the aforementioned steps.

To change the emulation of a TSP100 series printer, click HERE 

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