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How to use the Serial Connection Kit with Star scanners

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The following application note outlines the steps necessary to change the connectivity type from USB to Serial for BSD and BSH Star Micronics scanners using the Star Serial Connection Kit.

The below specified BSD and BSH Star Micronics scanners models are configured with USB connectivity as the default option. However, users have the flexibility to switch to a Serial connection using the Serial Connection Kit for enhanced versatility.

This feature provides users with the flexibility to use BSD and BSH scanners with Electronic Cash Registers (ECRs) and legacy Point of Sale (POS) applications that use serial ports for interfacing with peripherals.

Supported Scanners: BSD-40U, BSH-32U, BSH-20U
Supported Interfaces: USB (for converting to Serial connection)
Supported Environments: Windows OS

I . Items included with the Serial Connection Kit

A close-up of a device Description automatically generated

II . Changing the Interface mode from USB to RS-232

The first step is to transition the scanner’s operating mode from HID Keyboard to RS-232. This can be easily accomplished by scanning the three barcodes provided below.

A group of black bar code Description automatically generated

Once the operating mode is changed to RS-232 (serial), the scanner will no longer operate as an HID Keyboard scanner.

Note:The BSH-32U can automatically detect the type of cable connected thanks to the Communication cable adaptive setting. This setting is enabled by default and can be found in the StarSCAN Utility. Changing the interface mode is not required but still recommended. To download the StarSCAN Utility, click HERE.

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III . Connecting the Serial Cable and Power Supply.

BSD-40U model:

    1. 1. On the back of the scanner, depress the retaining clip and detach the USB cable.A close-up of a white device Description automatically generated

    1. 2. Attach the Serial cable RJ45 connector to the scanner.
    2. 3. Connect the Serial cable RS232 connector to the Serial port on your device (PC, ECR, etc.)
    3. 4. Plug the power adapter into the power connector on the Serial cable.
    4. 5. Connect the power adapter to a power outlet.

BSH-20U/BSH-32U model:

The BSH scanners feature a housing designed to secure the cable and prevent accidental disconnection. The retaining clip is concealed beneath this housing.

 1. To release the cable, insert a paper clip into the hole and depress it. 2. While maintaining pressure on the paper clip, gently pull the USB cable out.

A close up of a black device Description automatically generated

Congratulations! Your scanner is now configured to operate via Serial connection.  
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