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My Star Micronics thermal printer feeds paper but does not print.

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This is usually caused by either using the wrong paper type for your printer model or the paper roll incorrectly installed (e.g., upside down)

Thermal printers like the TSP100III, or TSP650II series require thermal-coated paper, whereas impact printers like the SP700 series require bond, or non-thermal coated paper.

To verify that the roll is thermal-coated, scratch the outer surface of the paper with a coin or similar hard object. If the topcoat shows a gray mark where the scratch was made, the paper is thermal-coated. Next, verify the thermal paper is loaded correctly and print a self-test. To print a self-test simple power your printer OFF, press the FEED button and power the printer ON only releasing the FEED button when printing begins.  For more information on printing self-tests, please visit the Self-Test FAQ article.

Depending on your printer model, when installing the paper roll, the paper must exit either from the bottom-up, or the top -down as shown in the following images:


Bottom-exit paper roll printers:                                                                                   Top-exit paper roll printers:
TSP100III, TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II, SP700, BSC10                                    mPOP, mcPront2, mcPrint3, FVP10




How to Video: Please watch this paper setup video for easy-to-follow instructions:


If your printer continues to feed blank  paper and not print, and your application is web-based (accessed through a Browser) please follow the link below to address some browser margins settings that may be the cause:

How do I configure the browser for web-based POS applications?

How to Video: Basic web browser settings when using web-based POS software


Note: If your printer continues to feed blank paper and not print after all the above, please contact a Star Micronics agent for further support. Click HERE to open a support ticket (by Region) or start a Chat session clicking HERE


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