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Pairing Bluetooth Portable Printer with iOS

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This application note shows how to pair and test the Bluetooth Portable printer with an iOS device.

Supported Printers: SM-S230i, SM-T400i, SMT-300i, SM-S220i

Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth

Supported Environments: iOS devices

Pair portable printer with an iOS device

Perform a self-test page on the printer. This is accomplished by pressing both Feed and Mode button while turning the power on. Once the printing is complete then let go of both the Feed and Mode button.

Towards the top of the self-test page, the BD Name is listed. This is the name you will be looking for on your iOS device.

Note: Default name is “Star Micronics”.



When the printer is turned on, will display either of the following (Bluetooth(iAP), Bluetooth-Auto).

Note: If the printer is not currently set to either Bluetooth(iAP) or Bluetooth-Auto you will need to adjust the setting. To do this please unpair the printer if it is currently paired with any device and then hold down the power and feed button until you see the error light flash 5 times. Upon the fifth flash you will see “setup mode” on the printer’s screen. Use the power button or mode button to cycle through the different Bluetooth settings and select either Bluetooth(iAP) or Bluetooth-Auto. Once the setting has been selected press and release both the power and feed button at the same time and a page will be printed displaying the change in settings.


Turn Bluetooth Setting ON.


Select the printer’s BD Name from the list.

Note: Refer to the BD Name 


Type the Pin Code and then click Pair.

Note: Default Pin Code is “1234”.


The Bluetooth printer is now connected.


Congratulations you have successfully paired your Star Bluetooth portable printer to an iOS device.

Testing the printer with the StarPRNT SDK

Please click on the Apple App Store icon to open the Apple App Store, and then click on the search button.


Please type “StarPRNT SDK” into the search bar and then click the search button.

A close up of a logo Description automatically generated


Please click on the Cloud symbol to begin downloading the StarPRNT SDK


Once the download is complete the cloud symbol will be replaced with an open button. Please click on the open button.


Once the StarPRNT SDK is open click on “Unselected State” located underneath “Destination Device”

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated


A window will open please click on “Bluetooth”


The page will then refresh and at the top of the page under list you will see your Star Micronics printers please click here.


Another window will open, and you will need to confirm the model of printer. Please left click on your printer’s model.



You will now be returned to the applications main page. Under printer you will see an option for sample, please click on sample.

A close up of a sign Description automatically generated


Please select English as a language, then 3” for paper size, and finally select EN 3” Raster Receipt. Depending on the model, the paper size may be 2 inches or 4 inches.

A sample receipt should then be printed, and you will receive a message indicating that the test was a success.

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