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Setting Up Graphics on TSP100 using futurePRNT

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How to use the futurePRNT Configuration Utility to brand and customize receipts with logos, coupons, and watermarks with NO changes to your existing POS software!

Supported Printers: TSP100 series

Supported Interfaces: USB, PoweredUSB, Ethernet, Wireless

Supported Environments: Windows 10 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8 (32bit/64bit) Windows 7(32bit/64bit)

Adding Graphics to futurePRNT

Ensure the TSP100 futurePRNT driver is installed on the PC.

Open the Configuration Utility by clicking on Start button -> All Programs -> Star Micronics -> Star TSP100

-> Configuration Utility.


Select Star Line Mode (default) and click OK.


Click Image List in the left menu bar.


Click Add New.


Browse to the location of the premade graphics. Select one to save in futurePRNT and click Open.


The selected graphic appears in the below editor screen. These controls enable users to fine-tune an image before storing it in futurePRNT, with all changes being previewed in the top window as they are made. The customization components on this screen are described below


Image ID Name- Enter a name for the graphic field to easily identify it within futurePRNT.

Width- Reduce the width of the graphic by sliding the scroll bar to the left or typing a number in the text field.


Dither Method- changes the dithering method by choosing one of the four options. These options modify the shading of the image.


Error Diffusion: Conversion Options- Modify the Black, White, and Transparency levels by sliding the scroll bar or entering a number in the text field. If creating a watermark for the receipt background, increase the Transparency setting until the image is light enough for the text to be easily read when printed on it.


Once the graphics look satisfactory in the preview windows, click Test Print to check the actual printed quality. Then, click Use Image to store it within futurePRNT.


The graphic is stored in futurePRNT. It appears in the Image List.


Repeat Step outline above until all desired graphics have been modified and added in futurePRNT


Click Apply Changes in the lower right-hand corner.


Congratulations! You have successfully stored your logo into futurePRNT software.

Assigning a Graphic as a Logo, Coupon, or Watermark

Click on Logos & Cropping in the left menu bar. This screen assign the print location of the stored graphics

Top Image List- Graphic assigned here will print at the top of the receipt

Bottom Image List- Graphic assigned here will print at the bottom of the receipt.

Merge List- Graphic assigned here prints behind the receipt text (E.G. Watermark)


Click Add to assign a graphic in the desired location (E.G. Top Image List).


The below prompt appears showing all images stored in futurePRNT. Select the desired file in the list and choose its alignment, then click Use.


The image is added. In the below example, this coupon will not print at the bottom of every receipt.


Repeat the steps above until all logo and coupon images are assigned.


In the case where multiply images are assigned to the top or bottom of the receipt, it is possible to choose printing one at a time or all at once.

Choose Cycle to print one image per receipt in sequential order.

Choose Print All print every assigned image on every printed receipt.


Go to the Merge Image section to enable watermarking printing, Check Include logos and coupons when merging if the watermark should be visible through these graphics; if not, leave this box unchecked. Then, click Select.


Choose the desired graphic to use as the watermark and click Use.


After all graphics are assigned to the proper location, click Apply Changes in the lower right-hand corner.


Congratulations! You have successfully stored graphics in futurePRNT and enable them to print on receipts. Check out “The Lucky Shopper Promotion” below to learn how to assign text triggers. Text triggers enable the printing of chosen images based on keywords and more.



The “Lucky Shopper” Promotion

This is an example marketing activity that can be run using the “Cycle” functionality in the Top or Bottom Image Lists. The “lucky shopper” promotion is equivalent to setting up a lottery at the point of sale by using two or more coupon graphics. For this demonstration, two coupons were created: one offers 5% off the next purchase, while the other offers 20%. Using futurePRNT, three customers will receive 5% as their coupon, while the fourth lucky customer will receive 20%.


Decide how many customers will receive a lower reward on their receipts before the higher reward points. This example demonstrates 1 in 4 receiving the best reward, but this number can be any figure desired: 1 in 20, 1 in 50, and so on.


Add the coupons in the Image List as described above.


In Logo Printing and Cropping as detailed above, add the lower reward coupon for as many times as standard shoppers should receive it. Then, add the high reward coupon.


Ensure Cycle is selected for the coupons.


Click Apply changes at the bottom of the window.


Now customers one, two, and three will receive a 5% off coupon and every fourth will receive one for 20%.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The example listed above is just one idea of how the power of futurePRNT can help your business in providing one-to-one marketing without any extra cost to you. Remember, futurePRNT is provided for free for every TSP100 Series Printer.

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