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How to Change Swappable Interfaces on Star Printers

IntroductionThis application note shows how to change interfaces of swappable interface type Star Printers. Swappable interfaces provide the convenience of switching connection type without purchasing a new printer, making upgrades more cost effective.Tools Needed: Star printer, new Star connection interface card, Philips screwdriverTop Mounting InterfacesEnsure the printer is unplugged. To avoid the risk of personal […]

How to change Emulation on Star Desktop Printers

IntroductionThis application note details how to change the printer language emulation of the below listed star printers from StarLine to ESC/POS mode.Supported Printers: TSP650, TSP650II, TSP700II, FVP-10, SP500, SP700, TSP800IISupported Interfaces: AllSupported Environments: AllDIP Switch SettingsNOTE: Before proceeding, please ensure the printer is OFF and unplugged. Changing the printer’s emulation only entails switching the corresponding […]

How do I read the “Error Status or LED Codes” for my Star Micronics printer?

The purpose of this page is to provide the maximum information to determine the printer’s error and its solution. The way our printers are diagnosed are through the Power and Error lights, They are called Error Indicators. The error and the power lights will blink at different intervals which will mean a different type of […]

How to Install a Bluetooth mC-Print printer on Windows

Introduction:This application note explains how to install a Star mC-Print2 or mC-Print3 printer on Windows OS using the Bluetooth interfaceSupported Printers: mC-Print2, mC-Print3Supported Interfaces: BluetoothSupported Environments: Windows OSInstalling the DriverDownload the printer driver (StarPRNT for mCollection) from the Global Support WebsiteDecompress the downloaded folder and execute “setup.exe”Follow the instructions of the setup wizard to complete […]

How To Share a Star Micronics Printer on a Windows PC

IntroductionThis document explains how to configure the sharing feature on a Windows PC. The feature allows you to share a Star printer that is connected to one computer and share it with another Windows PC.Supported Printers: All Star Micronics thermal and impact printers support this featureSupported Interfaces: All interfacesSupported Environments: Windows operating system versions 7, […]

How to Setup and Test SM-L200/SM-L300 on iOS

Introduction:This application explains how to set up your L200 or L300 printer on iOS.Note: Because the L200 and L300 work with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), pairing happens automatically with the nearest BLE iOS device. You do not need to manually pair your iOS device to your printer.Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)Devices Needed: iOS mobile […]

Pairing Bluetooth Desktop Printer with iOS device

Introduction:How to pair a Star Bluetooth desktop printer (e.g. TSP650IIBTi) with an iOS device (iPad, iPhone)Supported Printers: TSP650IIBTi, SP700BTi, TSP700IIBTi, TSP800IIBTiSupported Interfaces: BluetoothSupported Environments: iOS devicesPair TSP650IIBti with an iOS deviceFor Thermal Printers: Perform a self-test page on the printer. This is accomplished by pressing the feed button while turning the power on. Let go […]

How to enable a Cash Drawer in Windows

Introduction: This Application Note explains how to enable and test a Star printer driven Cash Drawer in Windows. Star desktop printers can be configured to automaticaly open a Cash Drawer connected to them after each transaction [in which a sales receipt is printed], or can set disabled if its apperture will be controlled by the POS […]

How to install a TSP100 USB Driver in Windows

Introduction:This application note shows how to install a Star TSP100 series USB Printer using the futurePRNT Driver/Configuration Utility package. While these instructions were written using the TSP100ECO, this document suffices for the below models.Supported Printers: TSP100GT, TSP100U, TSP100II(ECO), and TSP100IIIU.Supported Interfaces: USB, PoweredUSBSupported Environments: Windows 11 (64bit), Windows 10 (32/64bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit), Windows […]

How to Reset Star Bluetooth Printers

Introduction:This article shows how to reset a Star desktop Bluetooth printer interface back to factory settings. This is normally done to resolve Bluetooth pairing or printing issues.Supported Printers: All Star desktop Bluetooth printers.Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth1)  Ensure all nearby Bluetooth capable devices (PC, tablets, smartphones) are not paired or have their Bluetooth set to OFF.2)  Power […]