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Opening the Cash Drawer from the Windows Command Prompt

Introduction This application note explains how to open a cash drawer connected to the Star Printer through the Windows Command Prompt. These instructions apply for all Star Printers that support cash drawers.   Supported Printers: TSP100 Series, mC-Print Series, TSP650II, FVP10, TSP700II, TSP800II, TSP1000, SP700 Supported Interfaces: Serial, Parallel, USB Applicable Environments: Windows 10 (32/64-bit), […]

How to enable a Cash Drawer in Windows

Introduction: This Application Note explains how to enable and test a Star printer driven Cash Drawer in Windows. Star desktop printers can be configured to automaticaly open a Cash Drawer connected to them after each transaction [in which a sales receipt is printed], or can set disabled if its apperture will be controlled by the POS […]

Pairing and Testing mPOP with iOS and Android

Introduction:This application note shows how to pair the mPOP Bluetooth printer on iOS devices and Android devices.Supported Printers: mPOP (Bluetooth)Supported Operating Systems: iOS and AndroidSupported Interfaces: BluetoothPairing mPOP on an iOS devicePerform a self-test on the printer. Turn the printer off, then slide the printer mechanism out. Hold down the red button and turn the printer […]