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Installing a Star Ethernet (LAN) Printer on Mac OS using CUPS

IntroductionThis application note shows how to install the Star Ethernet Desktop printers on Mac OSSupported Printers: TSP100LAN, TSP100IIILAN, TSP100IIIW, TSP650IILAN, TSP700IILAN, TSP800IILAN, mc-Print 3, mc-Print 2Supported Interfaces: LAN, Wi-Fi.Supported Environments: Mac OS Installing Star CUPS DriverPlace the “” file on your desktop and expand it by double-clicking on the file.  The screen below appears by […]

How to Configure Star Drivers to Cut In-Between Pages

IntroductionThis guide explains how to configure a Star Micronics printer to cut in-between pages and test the cutter on both Windows and Mac devices using futurePRNT, StarPRNT, or Cups Drivers.Supported Printers: futurePRNT, starPRNT printers on Windows, and printers supported by CUPS Drivers on Mac and LinuxSupported Interfaces: USB, LAN, BT, Wi-Fi, Serial, ParallelSupported Environments: Windows, […]