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How do I integrate my Star POS Printer with my iOS or Android POS Software

Printing from an iOS or Android mobile device (tablets, smartphones) to a POS printer is a swift experience if the app you are printing from integrated support for your printer.Due to the design of mobile operating systems (mOS), mobile devices do not offer a printing queue system similar to the ones using Windows, Mac, or […]

Where can I find the SDK and programming info for Star printers?

Star Micronics offers various SDKs and programming info for your Star printers, to help developers easily integrate their software.To download these SDKs, please visit the Star Micronics Developers Section.For CloudPRNT, please see the CloudPRNT Developer Guide.

How do I configure my Apple AirPort Express for a Star USB Printer?

Star is a proud long time supporter of printing from iOS and Mac OS X environments and is proud to add AirPort Express to our support line up! The PDF linked below provides instructions on how to configure an Apple AirPort Express directly to a host device or as a shared device over the network. […]

How to enable SteadyLAN on Star mC-Print printers

IntroductionThis application note explains how to enable the SteadyLAN functionality of the applicable Star printers, providing an internet connection to your tablet plugged into the printer with a USB-Lightning (Apple devices) or USB-C (Android and Windows devices) cable.Supported Printers: MCP31L, MCP31LB with Apple devices, and MCP31C, MCP31CB with Android or Windows DevicesSupported Interfaces: USB-Lightning, USB-CSupported […]

How to change Emulation on Star Desktop Printers

IntroductionThis application note details how to change the printer language emulation of the below listed star printers from StarLine to ESC/POS mode.Supported Printers: TSP650, TSP650II, TSP700II, FVP-10, SP500, SP700, TSP800IISupported Interfaces: AllSupported Environments: AllDIP Switch SettingsNOTE: Before proceeding, please ensure the printer is OFF and unplugged. Changing the printer’s emulation only entails switching the corresponding […]

How do I read the “Error Status or LED Codes” for my Star Micronics printer?

The purpose of this page is to provide the maximum information to determine the printer’s error and its solution.The way our printers are diagnosed are through the Power and Error lights, They are called Error Indicators. The error and the power lights will blink at different intervals which will mean a different type of error. […]

How to configure WiFi Power Pack (TP-Link) on an iPad

IntroductionHow to setup the WiFi Power Pack to use with Star Printers on an iPad. Depending on the application, further installation of printer drivers may be needed.Supported Printers: Thermal, Impact PrinterSupported Interfaces: EthernetSupported Environments: iOS device (iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iphone..etc)Support Video: Click here to watch video WiFi Power Pack (TP-Link) Setup via WiFiConnect […]

How to setup WebPRNT Browser for iOS

Introduction:How to setup the star WebPRNT browser on an iOS device for use with compatible Bluetooth PrintersSupported Printers: TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II, mPOP, SM-L and SM-T portable printers.Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth.Supported Environments: iOS.Download and Install “Star WebPRNT Browser” from the App store.Pair your Bluetooth printer to your iOS device.Open Setting on your device and click on webPRNTSpecify […]