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How can I submit an App to Apple’s App Store?

In order to offer your app on the Apple iTunes App Store, your app needs to be approved by the Apple MFi program before you submit it to the Apple iTunes App Store. Please follow the instruction below.Desktop Printers: TSP100IIIU, TSP100IIIBI, TSP650IIBI, TSP700IIBI, TSP800IIBI, FVP10UBI, mPOP, MCP31L, MCP31LB, MCP21LBPortable Printers: SM-S220i, SM-S230i, SM-T300i, SM-T400i, SP742BIInterface: […]

How do I integrate my Star POS Printer with my iOS or Android POS Software

Printing from an iOS or Android mobile device (tablets, smartphones) to a POS printer is a swift experience if the app you are printing from integrated support for your printer.Due to the design of mobile operating systems (mOS), mobile devices do not offer a printing queue system similar to the ones using Windows, Mac, or […]

Using a lightning cable with TSP100IIIU on iOS

IntroductionThis application note explains how to use your Star Printer on iOS devices using a lightning cable.Supported Printers: TSP100IIIUSupported Interfaces: USBUsing TSP100IIIUSB with Lightning CableFirst, make sure you have the lightning cable plugged into the back of the printer, as well as your device.  Next, we will access the app store and search for “Star […]