How to test Star Printers using StarPRNT SDK

Introduction How to test your Star printer using an iOS or Android device and the StarPRNT SDK app. This article was written using the TSP143IIIW as an example but applies to all the models listed below. NOTE: Ensure printer is already connected to device either via USB, Ethernet, LAN or Wi-Fi, and the StarPRNT SDK […]

Performing a Hardware Self-Test on Star Printers

Star printers provide the ability to perform a hardware self-test to verify of the different printer configurations, providing information critical for proper troubleshooting. Among other information, the self-test confirms the printers’ Firmware version, interface details, memory, and DIP switch settings. The printer’s firmware version can be found at the very top of the self-test. It […]

How to Turn Auto Connection ON or OFF for Desktop Bluetooth interface

Introduction How to configure the Auto Connection setting for desktop Bluetooth interfaces. For IOS devices Auto Connection should be on. For Windows, Mac, and Android Auto Connection should be off.   Supported Printers: TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II, SP700, mPOP Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth Supported Environments: N/A Devices Needed: N/A Software Needed: N/A   Confirm the current Auto […]

Eco Product Focus: The TSP800Rx

Learn the latest information on the TSP800Rx here.   TSP800Rx: The Secure and Enviromentally-Friendly Way to Print Prescriptions Star Micronics has the solution to print thermal prescriptions using its secured locking TSP800Rx Printer. Answering the requests from hospitals and physicians to efficiently automate the prescription process and make it simple is the cure from Star. […]

What is StarIO and how can I find the latest release?

The information below is for archival purposes. To find the latest information on Star SDKs please visit our developer site. An SDK (Software Development Kit) is a package allowing developers to easily integrate 3rd party products into their own software applications. Star’s SDK includes two crucial ways to quicken integration time: StarIO and Sample Code. […]

How do I integrate my Star POS Printer with my iOS or Android POS Software

Printing from an iOS or Android mobile device (tablets, smartphones) to a POS printer is a swift experience if the app you are printing from integrated support for your printer. Due to the design of mobile operating systems (mOS), mobile devices do not offer a printing queue system similar to the ones using Windows, Mac, […]

How do I configure my Apple AirPort Express for a Star USB Printer?

Star is a proud long time supporter of printing from iOS and Mac OS X environments and is proud to add AirPort Express to our support line up! The PDF linked below provides instructions on how to configure an Apple AirPort Express directly to a host device or as a shared device over the network. […]

How do I find my MAC address?

Knowing a printer’s MAC Address might be required for setting up a Bluetooth printer in Mac or Linux, or a grand network access to a network (Ethernet or WiFi). The easiest way to learn your printer’s MAC Address is by printing a Self-Test. The MAC Address will be located on the 2nd page. To print […]

What is the difference between the TSP100 and TSP650 Series?

This FAQ explains the difference between the Star Micronics TSP100 and TSP650 POS Printers for End Users and Developers/System Integrators   End Users TSP100 Series This product family was designed to offer the ultimate ease of installation and operation for the user.  Everything you need is included in the box including the printer, drivers, cables […]

How to configure WiFi Power Pack (TP-Link) on Windows

Introduction How to setup the WiFi Power Pack to use with Star Printers on a Windows. Depending on the application, further installation of printer drivers may be needed.   Supported Printers: Thermal, Impact Printer Supported Interfaces: Ethernet Supported Environments: Windows 8 (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows Vista (32/64 bit), and Windows XP Supported […]