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How to update the firmware of a Star printer

Firmware updates are normally only necessary to address specific issues. To learn if a firmware update is necessary for your specific printer model, please contact Star Technical Support.   To know the current firmware version of your printer, simply print a self-test. It will be located at the top of the page:How to print a […]

How do I print a self test for my printer?

IntroductionThis application note explains how to print a Self-Test, which is a printout of all of a printer’s configuration settings, to include its firmware version, communication mode, print settings and interface information. Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi models will print multi-page Self-Tests.Supported Printers: AllSupported Interfaces: AllDesktop Thermal Printers (except TSP100ECO):1) Ensure printer’s power is OFF .2) […]

How to reset a Star Micronics Ethernet or Wi-Fi Printer

Introduction This application note explains how to reset your Ethernet or Wi-Fi Printer to factory default. This may be necessary to reset a printers’s Static IP address and set it to Access Point mode for network configuration, or to reset the printer’s Web Interface password if it was changed from the default and lost/forgotten. For […]

How to Change Swappable Interfaces on Star Printers

IntroductionThis application note shows how to change interfaces of swappable interface type Star Printers. Swappable interfaces provide the convenience of switching connection type without purchasing a new printer, making upgrades more cost effective.Tools Needed: Star printer, new Star connection interface card, Philips screwdriverTop Mounting InterfacesEnsure the printer is unplugged. To avoid the risk of personal […]

How to Setup and Test SM-L200/SM-L300 on iOS

Introduction:This application explains how to set up your L200 or L300 printer on iOS.Note: Because the L200 and L300 work with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), pairing happens automatically with the nearest BLE iOS device. You do not need to manually pair your iOS device to your printer.Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)Devices Needed: iOS mobile […]

Pairing Bluetooth Portable Printer with iOS

Introduction:This application note shows how to pair and test the Bluetooth Portable printer with an iOS device.Supported Printers: SM-S230i, SM-T400i, SMT-300i, SM-S220iSupported Interfaces: BluetoothSupported Environments: iOS devicesPair portable printer with an iOS devicePerform a self-test page on the printer. This is accomplished by pressing both Feed and Mode button while turning the power on. Once […]

How To Install Portable Star Micronics Printers on Windows

Introduction:This application note shows how to install a portable printer on Windows via Bluetooth.Supported Printers: SM-S230i, SM-T400i, SMT-300, SM-S220i, L200, L300Supported Interfaces: BluetoothSupported OS: Windows 10 (x32bit/x64bit), Windows 8.1 (x32bit/x64bits), Windows 8 (x32bit/x64bit), Windows 7 (x32bit/x64bit)Installation of Portable Printer software and DriverDownload StarPRNT software for portables: click the download zip folder and choose Extract […]

How to change Emulation on Portable Star Micronics Printers

Introduction:This application note demonstrates how to switch emulation modes of portable Star Micronics printers from ESC/POS to StarPRNT and viceversaSupported Printers: SM-S220i, SM-S230i, SM-T300, SM-T300i and SM-T400iSupported Interfaces: BluetoothNote:  SM-L200 and SM-L300 do not support ESC/POS emulationSwitching emulation on the SM-T300i and SM-T400i1.  Print a self-test on the printer: With the printer [OFF], hold both […]

How to Change the Bluetooth Mode on Portable Printers

Introduction: The printer models listed below support Bluetooth communication with iOS (Apple), Android and Windows devices (Tables, smartphones, computers) with the corresponding Bluetooth mode setup. This Application Note explains how to switch the Bluetooth mode of a Star portable printer to support the host device’s operating system Supported Printers: SM-S220i, SM-S230i, SM-T300i, SM–T300i2, SM-T400i. Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth Switch […]