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How To Setup a TSP100IIIW on a WiFi Network

IntroductionThis application note explains how to manually setup the TSP100IIIW on a network without the use of WPS.As an alternative, you may watch a videio with these instreuction by clicking HERE.Supported Printers: TSP100IIIWSupported Interfaces: Wi-FiSupported Environments: iOS, Android, Windows (32/64-bit)Before you beginNOTE: The printer can connet to 2.4GHz networks only. It may be necessary to […]

How to test Star Printers using StarPRNT SDK

IntroductionHow to test your Star printer using an iOS or Android device and the StarPRNT SDK app. This article was written using the TSP143IIIW as an example but applies to all the models listed below.NOTE: Ensure printer is already connected to device either via USB, Ethernet, LAN or Wi-Fi, and the StarPRNT SDK app installed […]

How to fix Star Micronics printers when you have recently upgraded to Windows 10

Introduction This guide explains how to fix problems occurring with Star Micronics printers after you upgrade to Windows 10 from an older version of Windows, or when you have updated your current Windows 10 device to a newer version of Windows 10. This fix is required for the TSP100 series to print; however, other models […]