Installing Splash-proof Cover for Star Micronics Printers

Introduction Click on the PDF linked below to learn how to install the splash proof cover on your Star Micronics printer. Splash Cover Installation (PDF)   Supported Printers: TSP100, TSP100III, TSP650, TSP650II, TSP700II Supported Interfaces: ALL

How to update the firmware of a Star printer

Firmware updates are normally only necessary to address specific issues. To learn if a firmware update is necessary for your specific printer model, please contact Star Technical Support.   To know the current firmware version of your printer, simply print a self-test. It will be located at the top of the page: How to print […]

How to reset a Star Micronics Ethernet or Wi-Fi Printer

Introduction This application note explains how to reset your Ethernet or Wi-Fi Printer to factory default. This may be necessary to reset a printers’s Static IP address and set it to Access Point mode for network configuration, or to reset the printer’s Web Interface password if it was changed from the default and lost/forgotten. For […]

Using a lightning cable with TSP100IIIU on iOS

Introduction This application note explains how to use your Star Printer on iOS devices using a lightning cable.   Supported Printers: TSP100IIIU Supported Interfaces: USB   Using TSP100IIIUSB with Lightning Cable First, make sure you have the lightning cable plugged into the back of the printer, as well as your device.   Next, we will […]

How to install OPOS or JavaPOS on TSP100 Series on Windows OS

Introduction  This application note shows how to install OPOS or JavaPOS driver on the Star TSP100 printer on Windows OS. Note: The TSOP100ECO (TSP143IIU) printer was used as an example in this application note, but this document applies to all printer models shown below   Supported Printers: TSP100series (TSP100IIIU, TSP100IIIBI, TSP100IIILAN, TSP100IIIW, TSP100GT, TSP100LAN, TSP100ECO, […]

Setup TSP100IIIW with WPS via Windows/iOS/Android

Introduction: This application note explains how to setup the TSP100IIIW using WPS on a Windows, iOS, or Android. NOTE for WPS: A standard for making easy connections between wireless networking devices. Depending on the manufacturer, buttons that have been displayed as “AOSS”, “Easy wireless start”, “JumpStart” etc. may also be handled equivalently to WPS. For […]

How to manually setup a TSP100IIIW and assign an IP address

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Introduction: This application note shows how to manually setup the TSP100IIIW on a network and assign an IP Address with Windows, iOS and Android. Supported Printers: TSP100IIIW.Supported Interfaces: Wi-FiSupported Environments: iOS, Android, Windows 10 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8.0 (32bit/64bit), Window 7 (32bit/64bit)   Before you begin: Important: Please take note of your wireless […]

Installing and pairing a TSP100IIIBi printer on Windows

Introduction: How to install futurePRNT software and pair TSP100IIIBi on a Windows device.   Supported Printers: TSP100IIIBi Supported Interfaces: Bluetooth   Installing futurePRNT software on a Windows device Download TSP100 FuturePRNT software from the Star Micronics website: Star Micronics Global Support   Right-click the downloaded zip folder and choose “Extract All”.   Once the files […]

Installing a Star TSP100 Lan Series Printer on Windows OS using futurePRNT

Introduction: How to install a Star TSP100LAN Ethernet Printer on Windows OS using the futurePRNT Driver/Configuration Utility package. This document also includes instruction for assigning a Static or Dynamic IP Address.   Supported Printers: TSP100IIILAN, TSP100LAN Supported Interfaces: Ethernet Supported Environments: Windows 10 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8(32bit/64bit), Windows 7(32bit/64bit), and Windows Vista (32bit/64bit) […]

How to install a TSP100 USB Driver in Windows

Introduction: This application note shows how to install a Star TSP100 series USB Printer using the futurePRNT Driver/Configuration Utility package. While these instructions were written using the TSP100ECO, this document suffices for the below models. Supported Printers: TSP100GT, TSP100U, TSP100II(ECO), and TSP100IIIU. Supported Interfaces: USB, PoweredUSB Supported Environments: Windows 11 (64bit), Windows 10 (32/64bit), Windows […]