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Printer Error Page Troubleshooting

The purpose of this page is to provide the maximum information to determine the printer’s error and its solution. The way our printers are diagnosed are through the Power and Error lights, They are called Error Indicators. The error and the power lights will blink at different intervals which will mean a different type of […]

Configuring the TSP100ECO’s Top Margin

IntroductionHow to configure the TSP100ECO’s top margin settings in the futurePRNT Utility. In special instances, the integrator may choose to modify the default top margin. It is possible to configure the first line of print beginning anywhere from 3 mm up to 11 mm (including every integer in between) from the top edge of the […]

How can I submit an App to Apple’s App Store?

In order to offer your app on the Apple iTunes App Store, your app needs to be approved by the Apple MFi program before you submit it to the Apple iTunes App Store. Please follow the instruction below.Desktop Printers: TSP100IIIU, TSP100IIIBI, TSP650IIBI, TSP700IIBI, TSP800IIBI, FVP10UBI, mPOP, MCP31L, MCP31LB, MCP21LBPortable Printers: SM-S220i, SM-S230i, SM-T300i, SM-T400i, SP742BIInterface: […]

Installing a Star USB Printer on Mac OS using CUPS

Introduction:How to install the Star Desktop USB printers on Mac OSSupported Printers: TSP100U, TSP100IIU, TSP100IIIU, TSP650IIU, TSP700IIU, TSP800IIU, mc-Print 2, mc-Print 3Supported Interfaces: USB.Supported Environments: Mac OS Installing Star CUPS Driver.Place the “” file on your desktop and expand it by double-clicking on the file.  The screen below appears by double-clicking the expanded <starcupsdrv-x.xx.x_mac> file. […]

Installing a Desktop USB Printer in Windows with the StarPRNT Driver

Introduction: This application note explains how to install a Star Desktop USB Printer using the StarPRNT Intelligence Driver/Configuration Utility package. While these instructions were written using the TSP650II as an example, this document suffices for the models shown below.Supported Printers: FVP10, TSP650, TSP650II, TSP700II, TSP800II, SP700, SP500, TUP500Supported Interfaces: USB, Powered USBSupported Environments: Windows 10 […]