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How to setup JavaPOS with Star Printer on Ubuntu Linux

IntroductionHow to use a Star Micronics printer with Ubuntu Linux via the JavaPOS driver. While this was written using a USB TSP650, these directions suffice for the following supported models.Supported Printers: TSP650II, SP700, TSP700II, HSP7000, TUP500Supported Interfaces: Serial, EthernetSupported Environments: Ubuntu Linux 9.04 Install Java Development KitThe Java development kit must be installed to use the […]

Ubuntu Linux – Sending Print Commands Directly to a LAN Port

IntroductionHow to send print commands directly to a LAN port/socket using the Terminal on Ubuntu Linux version 8.04 or higher. While this document was written using the TSP100LAN, these directions suffice for any Linux compatible Ethernet Star Micronics printer.Supported Printers: Thermal, Impact PrinterSupported Interfaces: EthernetSupported Environments: Ubuntu 8.04 or higher (*Ubuntu 11.04 is not supported*) Sending […]

How do I read the “Error Status or LED Codes” for my Star Micronics printer?

The purpose of this page is to provide the maximum information to determine the printer’s error and its solution.The way our printers are diagnosed are through the Power and Error lights, They are called Error Indicators. The error and the power lights will blink at different intervals which will mean a different type of error. […]

How to Install Star Ethernet (LAN) printer on Ubuntu Linux OS

IntroductionThis application note explains how to install various Star Ethernet Printers on the Ubuntu Linux OS. While this document was developed using the TSP800, it is applicable to the printers listed below.Supported Printers: TSP100III, TSP650II, SP700, TSP800II, TSP700II.Supported Interfaces: Ethernet (LAN).Supported Environments: Ubuntu Linux. Download the CUPS_for_Linux driver from our Global Support Website.NOTE: Extract the […]