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Weights and Measures information

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To begin the certification process the store must fill out a permit application

There is a fee required to get your scale permitted. 

The application requires the scale to be NTEP certified, the mG-Series is certified and can be found HERE, by searching Star Micronics. 

The scale will need to be set up by a registered scale service company (see Calibration section below)

After the Department of Weights & Measures receives the Placed in Service Report an inspector will come to your store and test the scale. 


In the State of Florida, it is required to have a registered service company calibrate the scale.

List of certified Service companies

The scale service agency will need to provide the Department of Weights and Measures a Placed in Service Report.


There is no expiration on the seal from the Weights & Measures office, but it is recommended to have the scale recalibrated each year by a certified Service Company.

There is a fine for any scale that fails inspection.

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