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Everything you need to know for Kentucky

Weights and Measures information

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The state of Kentucky follows the rules and regulations defined in NIST Handbook 44 (2018 Edition)

The mG-Scale should be calibrated by a state certified Service Company. 

A complete list of certified Service Companies can be found HERE by filtering the search by “scale”


After proper calibration, the Service Company/Agent will complete a Placed-In-Service form

This form will put the business on a list for state inspectors to check annually. 

You can also contact the Department of Weights & Measures for help with this process. 


It is recommended to recalibrate your scale annually through a certified Service Company. 

An officer from the Department of Weights & Measures will randomly stop by the business to inspect the scale is measuring properly. 

If the scale fails inspection the business will be fined.

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