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Weights and Measures information South Carolina

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Everything you need to know for South Carolina

Weights and Measures information

Please contact Weights & Measures

Consumer Services: 803-737-9696 

Weights & Measures:  803-737-9690


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Every NTEP scale must be calibrated by a Licensed Technician. A list of Technicians can be found HERE.

It is also up to the technician’s discretion to seal the scale or not.


After a technician calibrates the scale, the business owner would need to contact the office of Weights & Measures (803-737-9690

The State inspector will place an inspection sticker on the scale if it passes.

*The state of South Carolina does not require scales to be locked/sealed after calibration.


The state will come to check the scale once a year.

The sticker that is provided will be a different color every year to track the expiration date.

It is also recommended that the store regularly checks the calibration of the scale, the Weights & Measures officer may stop by unannounced to perform an assessment. 

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