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Everything you need to know for Tennessee

Weights and Measures information

Please contact Weights & Measures

Phone: 615-837-5144 


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After purchasing the mG-Scale, contact the W&M office.

Let the office know that you have purchased a scale for your business, they will then search and confirm that the scale is NTEP certified.

Here is the website they use, you can search for Star Micronics as the Manufacturer, and see that the mG-Scale is in fact NTEP certified

*In the state of Tennessee, it is illegal to use any scale, not NTEP certified.

There is a small registration fee in Tennesse. 


To get your scale calibrated the office of Weights & Measures will recommend a service company based on your store location. 

The service company will visit your store, calibrate, and seal your mG-Scale, a Placed in-service form will need to be sent to your local Weights & Measures department.


Once properly calibrated by the service company you can contact Weights & Measures to have a government inspector come and test your scale.

If the scale passes, the inspector will seal the scale with a sticker with the current fiscal year. 

The inspector will enter the business information into a database for all companies sealed by the state.

An invoice is generated every fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th).

The inspector will visit the store at random once per fiscal year. 

If the inspector does not visit your store within the fiscal year, contact Weights & Measures. (615-837-5144)


The State will check your scale randomly throughout the fiscal year, so it is recommended to get your scale calibrated at least once per year. 

There is a possibility of a fine for using a scale that fails inspection. 

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